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Senate calls for legalization of pot...!!!!

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i'm not a druggie i just smoke weed, i don't even drink
why is is illegal for me to smoke a j and not for you to have a glass of wine with dinner ?


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Police Association Propaganda

I think it is so funny that the Police go around spouting this kind of garbage..........half of the cops probably smoke weed!!!! LOL

But not everyone agrees. David Griffin of the Canadian Police Assn. sees nothing but trouble when it comes to weed. “[The] report ignores countless studies about the harmful effects of marijuana, particularly with regards to Canada’s children and young people. It is nothing more than a back-to-school gift for drug pushers.”

A back-to-school gift for drug pushers???? Why do they think kids go to school...........its a good place to meet before walking to the park!!!!!!!! ;)

My personal opinion is the Police should save the money they spend enforcing anti-weed laws and concentrate on the control of other more dangerous drugs..........

At the very least simple possession should be decriminalized and the doors to Medicinal uses should be opened.

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