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me these records

x-press 2 - give it
nancy sinatra - bang bang(remix)
playgroup - behind the wheel(dj kicks electrocash mix)
tom neville - buzz junkie - toolroom records
tom neville - buzz junkie - (robby rivera remix) - tool room records
2 raumwohnung - vs moguai - sex secret - white label
moby - lift me up(superdiscount mix)
meat katie and elite force - fabulous mint 400
drumattic twins - feelin kinda strange(nick thayer and bass klephremix) - finger lickin
tba - alone
missy elliot - lose control(jaques lu cont dub)
atomic grater - fear
crystal method - born too slow(deepsky remix)
jerry bonham - vispera
tantamanna - talking - saw
royksopp and earland oye - there is a light that never goes out -
Azzido Da Bass - Knights of the Living Bassheadz [Luscious Sounds]

ladytron - destroy everything you touch(tom neville mix)
micheal gray - weekend(disciples of sound and kid lopez remix)

atomic hooligan feat pavinda - head
slacker - best boyfriend(slackers first edit)
joshua collins - project 3

TARO sell me grooveyard sucka..LOL
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basketballjones said:
i forgot to add

truly - delerium(infusion mix)

one of the most devestating tunes ever pressed

I think I have a spare copy of Truly. I used to do promotions for Nettwerk a few years back, so it's probable.

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sell me these records bitches
i want instant gratification like i have with your mothers*!!!!LOL

*note, i dont even know any of your mothers i just want these records