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Selling store fixtures

Mike Goodwin

TRIBE Member
Fixtures For Sale: at Tellulah Twig
Item Description Cost
Indoor Water Feature/fountain Handmade earth tone pottery tile; 7 feet tall; $3,000.00

water basin 1.5 feet wide; wooden frame OBO
Cash Counter (L-shaped) Handmade tile & stained glass, lit from underneath; $4,000.00

brushed metal finished over wooden construction; OBO
rounded end w/shelves; dedicated computer shelf
Wooden Bookcases x 2 Stained medium/dark brown; 2 flat shelves plus $150 each

2 angled shelves (eg: for magazines); slat board OBO
back; 6 feet tall
Artificial Tree 8 feet tall in silver pot; winding, vine-like trunk $100.00

Computer with off white monitor $200 including wireless mouse & keyboard $250.00

Jeweler Display Case Handmade earth tone pottery tile and stained $300.00
glass; glass, lift-up top; medium/dark stained OBO

wooden frame; 3 feet tall
Card Display Rack 4 leaf/double sided with slat board $500.00

MS Cash Drawer (off white) with thermal receipt printer (star TSP 600) $150.00

model CF-405 Media on it's own $100.00

Spinning Card Racks x 3 various sizes; 56 - 72 card capacity $50 each

Utility Table Foldable, Heavy-duty polyethylene tabletop with $50.00
steel frame; grey colour; lighter than wood tables
Measures 60"W x 29"H x 30"D
Stackable Utility Chairs x 6 Heavy polyethylene; armless; grey colour $25 each

Shelving Units (Ikea) x 2 "Enetri" shelving unit; 4 shelves, metal support; $50 each

oak finish; 170cm W 33cm D 158cm H
Art Hanging System x 50 feet Aluminum Pipe with heavy metal cord & $100.00

suitable fasteners (includes extra cord)
X-mas Star Hanging Lights x 2 5 strands of 5 stars strung together $20 each

3 "snowball" type puffs strung together that light up $30 both
Gift wrap Display Ladders x 2 single & double ladders; 10 & 13 rungs each $25 & $40

Price Guns & tape x 3 standard kind $10 each

Curtain Rod for window displays includes ceiling mounting screws $10.00

Wooden Wall Pegs x 3 3 & 4 pegs each (Ikea) $5 each
Rattan Window Covering natural colour; rolls up/down; includes brackets $15.00

Floor Lamps (Ikea) x 7 2 feet high / 5 feet high $15/$20

Tables (Ikea) x 3 Various sizes $20 each

Wall Shelf (Ikea) with 5 pockets/compartments $20.00

Corner Bookshelf (Ikea) x 2 6 shelves; light wood $40.00

If you have questions about any of these items please contact Jayne via the Tellulahtwig.com web site.