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SELLING : PAIR OF BRAND NEW TECHNICS 1210 M5G (30th Anniversary Editions)


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i got these bad boys for christmas right after i sold my last set up so i have no mixer or anything and i'm way incredibly broke to just go out and buy a new one. they're the sweetest tables out there and i wish i had the funds to keep them but i'm stuck in the biggest financial hole ever at the moment now so i have to get rid of them.
brand new! in the box with manuals, rca cables, with headshells too! they go for about $800-$900 each if you get em' new but you can have them both for $1450 O.B.O.

-Speeds: 33/1/3, 45rpm
-Pitch adjust +/- 8% with functionality to increase to +/- 16%
-Range: 78dB DIN-B
-Adjustable tonearm height
-Torque: 1.5kg/cm

Email me @ absolut_tyra@hotmail.com if interested.

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is it just me or do those actually come with the blue tracking light?
(and yes, I know that with all the little bells and whistles these decks have, to ask about the light may seem a little retarded)


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If I had the cash, they'd be sold, sold, sold.

Well I mean, I didn't have any other bills... Argh!

pr0nstar :D
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lol funktion. they look exactly like that picture i posted, i would post a real pic but my scanner is broke.