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Selling A Car Without The Used Vehicle Information Package (UVIP)...


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Has Anyone sold their car without providing the UVIP? My brother sold his by just asking the guy to sign a contract, and the back of the ownership card to transfer the ownership. He then took the contract and ownership copy to the Vehicle Registration Office to say it was sold. Easy peasy.

But I look online and it says I must purchase this before point of sale, otherwise I'm in violation of some code and subject to fines.

So...anybody have experience with this? I have someone interested in purchasing my crappy ass car (hopefully for parts) and wants to come today with the cash, but just saw the UVIP info on the Ministry's website.




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Service Ontario is a client of mine, so I just asked for ya. No you don't have to. You can do it just as you described. I sold a car the same way but that was eons ago so wasn't sure if it changed. (hence why you're meant to only keep a photocopy of your ownership in your car not the original). And yes, you can write up your own contract.

the end.
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Awwnaw....you're the (wo)man! This is exactly what I needed to know. Much appreciated!


Not so fast. While there are exemptions from requiring a UVIP, it doesn't seem like your situation is one of them:


From Service Ontario

2. Is the UVIP required for all sales and transfers?

No. The following situations are exempt:


* Registered motor vehicle dealers
* Multiple transfers (2 or more) between corporations
* TTA and taxi licensing
* Corporation to shareholder
* Transfers of wrecked/stolen vehicles to insurance companies
* Transfers of repossessed vehicles


* Gifts between linear family members (excluding siblings). Linear family members have been defined as father, mother, stepmother, stepfather, spouse, grandfather, grandmother, son, daughter, stepson, stepdaughter, step-grandson, step-granddaughter, grandson, granddaughter, mother-in-law, father-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law.
* Spouses
* Same-sex partners
* Family breakdowns, separation or divorce decree
* Estate bequests


* Imported vehicles from other jurisdictions
* Donations to licensed charitable organizations or religious, charitable or benevolent organizations as defined in the Income Tax Act (Canada)
* Sales/transfers to a hospital, local service board, municipality, school board, university or college
* Registered lotteries and raffles
* Cancelled sales
* Sales to municipalities

For further information on possible exemptions, please contact the ministry at 1-800-387-3445 (toll free in Canada) or in the GTA at (416) 235-2999.

Doesn't look like your sale qualifes as an exemption. To be safe, I'd still contact Service Ontario if I were you. Seeing as how they specifically state that a UVIP is required under Ontario law to sell a car.


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You'd be more likely to find a buyer with the UVIP anyhow. It's 20 bucks. I wouldn't buy a car without seeing it first.


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^ Totally. However it's only 'law' only to protect the buyer. If the buyer proceeds with the sale, they will and can still register the vehicle as their own with the signed ownership and your 'contract' that you created yourself at the ministry when they go to process the new ownership.


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I do it all the time.

Typically anything sold stupid cheap or as is rarely comes with it. You just get/give the ownership with the last line signed and the rest blank.

The whole reason the UVIP was brought in was because the government was losing revenue as everyone was writing up bills of sale for a fraction of the real sale price and submitting it to the ministry.

So under the guise of "consumer awareness" they now have two values on the UVIP for the vehicle in question, wholesale (Ideally what a dealer pays at auction) and resale (typically what an average joe pays)

It does state if there are any leans owing on the car which is nice.

The buyer pays tax on the greater of the actual sale price or the wholesale price. I always write it up at the wholesale price to save buyers a few bucks if a UVIP is provided/requested when they are paying me in cash or paypal.

Anytime I have sold something certified I have included the UVIP, anything I have flipped or sold as is I let the buyer grab it,as typically its not even in my name anyways.

You do need it for transfer though. What happens is you go to the ministry with the signed ownership, buy the $20 UVIP, walk outside to your car, scribble in the signature of seller in a different colored pen, sign your name, and go back in.


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Typically anything sold stupid cheap or as is rarely comes with it. You just get/give the ownership with the last line signed and the rest blank.
That's what I did. Sold my car as is, for much cheaper as I didn't want to have to deal with the hassels of getting it certified. Dude asked me to jus sign my signature and said he'd take care of the rest.

I just made him sign a bill of sale with his name, date and address saying it's sold as is, and not my responsibility anymore.

Will show that to the Ministry on Monday.


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