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SEGA Master System Rap


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Not much to see here, just some British kids (MC's "Mick" and "Steve") rapping about how much they love their Sega Master System, circa 1990! Seriously, this is dope.

Apparently they won a contest of some sort...If this is the best of the bunch -- wow.

mp3 - http://www.meanmachinesmag.co.uk/upload/mp3/mastermix90.mp3


Yo! Nick and Steve, you coming out tonight? No man, we're staying in to check out our brand new Sega console Sega! What's that? Check this out!

Ya! Master System costs from eighty pounds One-to-eight colours, three channel sound Yeah they got more games than fish in the docks Like Operation Wolf and Psycho Fox Golden Axe R-Type World Games Chase HQ World Soccer Baseball Wonderboy II This list of games goes on and on and on The Sega posse is over hundred strong

CHORUS: Sega! Sega! Sega!

Yeah man, sounds dope, tell me more Yeah OK

As well as a console you get a light phaser With Wild West War, games to amaze ya 3-D glasses will blow your mind Better peripherals you cannot find Def joysticks that simply flow Rapid fire units, bo, bo, bo Waiting for games to load is Wik-wak We say Sega games load straight away


Blow you mind in a Fantasy Zone Turn to other consoles - got nobody home Your mutant just ain't a hit And your grey imports just don't fit Into any known British TV So it's obvious to me Check out your local dealer Not for drugs But for Sega

How d'ya spell that G S.E.G.A. The hottest, most respected console on the streets today


Yeah we got the Master System in the house Yeah Boy! What is this Sega anyway? Donatello, Raphaelo, grey imports, pizzas - dis 'em boy! Gis a go, know what I mean? Mega Drive, buy one today Oh come on boys, it's party time, man Yeah Sega man Wot! Gis a go on your joystick! We're outta here, like last year Sega! Sega! Mega Outrun Top-score See-ya Do me a favour!

(Copyright: MCs Mick and Steve)
from http://www.meanmachinesmag.co.uk
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