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Seems like.....


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alot of people ... say "trance sucks" and yet still listen to trance and come out trance parties haha, is it like a cool thing now to hate trance? lol in fact i can name a very well known toronto dj that said publically how he hates trance and i saw him play hard trance @ a big party in umm november...

anyway...,my real question is... why people dont go to trance parties when there are no international headliners.... i can name a few local djs that are just as good as some international headliners that ive seen or even better and im sure many will agree with me on this one (however that are ALOT of 'well known' local trance djs that really really suck)


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well.... i'm a really good local trance dj (shameless plug) but nobody seems to have ever heard of me lmao :p

but that's true.. it's wierd how a lot of people seem to be hating trance, yet who's the #1 dj out there.. that's right.. TIESTO.. who plays, hold on.. trance!!

and every time ATB comes to toronto the place is absolutely rammed, cause face it, trance and progressive are the best types of music to party to ;)

Marcin M :)


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i got a trance sucks shirt from the aponauts(live trance p.a.) that i wear all the time to parties. so funny when people are like 'nice shirt' little do they know that i'm a trancehead at heart(guess i'm just trying to be cool too by hating. yeah right!)


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this isn't a new thing.

Best advice is ignore the haters. They'll be back. or gone. either way its ok.
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