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seeking job advice.... very basic


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I'll be open about my situation.

I earn 45K. Today marked the one year anniversary of my job. This is my first "real" job after university.

My boss said that if I stay for one more year, he will pay me 65K because he likes what Ive been doing. He is true to his word. I started at 36K and he has always promised (and delivered) on his raises.

Today i got an offer for another job. It pays 28K. It would take me roughly 1.5-2 years to make there what I make NOW here.

The problem:

The current job I have is kind of boring and I dont have the passion, drive, motivation for it any longer. As such my performance is suffering.

The new job would be right up my alley, and I THINK it would be more interesting.

Further issues: current job is downtown. New job is in markham. I own a metropass and a pair of adidas. Im in no position to buy a car on a 28K salary.

Shit this is complicated. Any suggestions?

i can

1. stay at my current job and look for another job with similar pay
2. leave current job and make way less
3. stay at current job and find a way to get motivated.

god damned money! how shallow and superficial of me is this to actually stay at a job b/c of the greenbacks?

ok thanks for your advice which hopefully will be forthcoming. I appreciate peoples advice here b/c were all within similar age groups and situaions..


ps -- going to the RAPS game tomorrow. Look for a 7foot Canadian flag and a sign that says:


get it? TNT!!


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Do you need the extra money badly?

If not, take the job that you will enjoy more.
You'll be broke, but atleast you'll be smilin' all day.
I'll take over your job, if they offer me the same salary.

From the Ministry of been meaning to answer your pm. Been psychotically busy as of late, sorry.

Prime Minister Highsteppa
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Oh, didn't catch the commute part.
It's not worth it then. Just stay with your current job, and keep a look out for any other job opp's that will be more satisifying along the way.


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Originally posted by JayIsBored
do you live downtown? a long commute can suck the life out of you no matter how 'fun' the job may be...

You don't understand how true this is.
I leave work with energy to do stuff
It takes me 1.2 to1.5 hours to get home..
by that time all i want to see is my bed.

which is what i'm going to do now.
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ok im not all about the cash. but the problem is this new job is not 100% guaranteed to be better. because i thought that THIS CURRENT job would be good but its OK. So whose to say the next one will be better?

Thanks for the advice I think im going to keep the current one and look for other work. Screw the commute to Markham.


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Or you could find the challenge in your current job or make it a challenge in some way ....the kind of raise you're getting next year is nothing to sneeze at.


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Well 2 quotes come to mind when i read this.

"Do you work to live, or live to work"
"If you all you look for in a job is money, then you better really like money"

I agree that you must definatly do what you love.. but honestly, 28K... that's a little low for a job you have a degree in.


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Stay with the cash.

You're not 70 yrs old, right? So there'll be time to find the well-paying position you really want, and in the mean time, make enough money to live well.

Working in a not-so-ideal position, for only a few years, is not such a big sacrifice!

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How much would you pay?

Whenever I think about leaving my current field of work ($$$) for something that interests me but pays shit ($), I ask myself: how much would I pay to do what I want? i.e the difference in pay = how much I'd pay ($$$-$=$$).
That frame of reference has helped me to narrow my job search to finding something that interests me but doesn't pay shit.
- Greg


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Originally posted by qtip
Further issues: current job is downtown. New job is in markham. I own a metropass and a pair of adidas. Im in no position to buy a car on a 28K salary.

I commute to Markham for work on transit. Be prepared for a two hour commute each way. The job really has to be worth it to take four hours out of your day. Thank god mine is.

Keep that in mind.

-- Jay aka Fut

Subsonic Chronic

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I'd stay where you are right now. Maybe because I hate commuting... and I like money... who knows. ;)

I don't get particularly motivated for my job. It's kinda boring. I don't hate it by any means, but it's better than a lot of other jobs and that's what keeps me here. I come here to make money, I have my fun outside of work and I like to keep the two seperate.

Just look at what you have to lose and what you have to gain.

The new job *could* be a lot better, but what if it's not? Then you're out almost 30K per year and you're stuck commuting to fucking Markham every day.

If you're really losing motivation at your current job, I'd hold out until you find something that you *know* is better as opposd to taking the gamble.

But then again... I have no clue what your job is like and how 'unmotivated' you are.... I'm just guessing.



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i work in markham.. i didn't want to buy a car, but the 1:15 hour commute was boolshit.. now i got a car, with high insurance premiums and it fucking sucks..

stay where you are, or keep looking.
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Originally posted by MoFo
What's the new job?

current job: ebusiness analyst (business not tech perspective)
new job: automotive consultant (at an auto consulting firm called desrosiers)

yeah Im going to stay here, and look for a good paying other job rather than commute from broadview station up to markham.



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Originally posted by geminigirl
How 'bout you work for me...I'll be your pimp:p

ill be your ho anytime.


but us geminis we got to stick togetha so uh-uh. im thinkikng a 50/50 partnership.


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my first job outta university was in markham and i lived downtown....the commute on the subway/streetcar/markham bus was hell. and i didn't like my job. = NO FUN!!

you have to weigh out how much your free time means to you and if you are willing to give up parts of your day for traveling. my current job sucks but when i leave work i'm home in 5 minutes. my freedom is way to important to me to spend time commuting.

good luck with your descision!


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Originally posted by daddyiwantchocolate
If it were me, option one or three.

Aren't there any interesting projects you could head?
me too. 37k is a big fucking deal. (dif between your project 65k and the 28k at the new place)

if the new place wants you then they shoudl offer you enough to make it worth your while or give you a starting bonus (i.e. a car).

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