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seeing a movie with my mom.


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My Mom is coming down to visit today and we're gonna see a movie..
has anyone seen Monsoon Wedding?
I saw a clip on iFilm.com and it's like an ethnic soap opera with song-and-dance numbers & subtitles.. I don't know if that's a good thing or not :confused:

Any other suggestions?


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If she likes a good British period peice, go see Gosford Park!!! It's complicated, but great!



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Monsoon Wedding was fabulous!!!! I thought it'd be pretty good, but it far exceeded my expectations.

There are a few very crude comments, but they are all in good fun & hilarious. As long as your mom's got an open mind, I think you'll both love it.
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go see "Monster's Ball" - nothing brings a mother and her child closer than a nice electrical chair scene, suicide, harsh racism, and halle barry naked for 10mins!