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See you soon!


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Alright western peeps, My interviews have gone extremly well, and I should be starting my job at the Fairmont Chateau, Lake Louise by the middle of may/start of June!!!

Basically I am packing as much shit as I can in my car and taking a two week holiday driving from Toronto to Calgary or so, may vrenture into BC for a bit but im not too sure.

So anything going on at the end of may that would be cool to check out. I have no real plan, just want to tour and sightsee all of Canada, but if there was a nice party going on Id goto it for sure. If anyone wants to party for a night or two, and show me around, that'd be cool too., Bitchass, closer to the time I'll get your number and we'll have some beers for sure.!!

I am just going to be camping and hoteling it as well, anyone want to go fishing? I'd really like to fish in the Bow river for trout if anyone is into that.

Anyways just put any plans in this thread and I'll keep checking it and I guess we'll take it from there......hope to see you soon!]