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See Thru Umbrellas!

It's Rawknee

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Just wondering if anyone knows where i can purchase one in the city. My girlfriend has been wanting one forever.

Thanks in advance
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Sinister Shadow

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It's almost a non-response but ebay, there are piles for $20 or less on there
(type clear umbrella)

I believe my gf lucked out and found a pink rimmed dome one at the Bay last year.


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there is an excellent umbrella store in the path, under king and bloorish.

they had clear umbrellas, and even a $300 leather 'brella, for those who take water sports seriously.

also, take a walk up spadina - those chinese will sell you anything!


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I always wanted an umbrella that I could float in when it rains, just like in winnie the pooh.

(I may or may not have broken an umbrella this way when I was four years old.)

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Funny.......I have been searching for one for years...I saw Harold Hussein with one doing the weather once and it was see-through.I emailed him and apparently you can get them in the City TV store- but they have "CP 24" EMBLAZONED on them so I decided not to go for it...

However, in the winter I was driving down Queen East and noticed a new-ish store and they had all KINDS of see- through unbrellas outside..sorry, can't remember the name but it's kind of near the Le Chateau I think....but on the South side of Queen...

They are awesome because you can pull them right down and still see!

I may check it out this weekend and see if they are available....


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for years i've been looking for an umbrella that says
"merde i'll pleut!" on it
i saw them in montreal once and on yonge st not too long after but that was over 10 years ago. so if anyone knows where they have these let me know.
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I bought mine last fall on Queen West - I'm not 100% sure of the name of the store but it's on the south side close to Spadina - Klic Clak? Something like that... It's close to the new Showroom.

It's see-through with a black band around the bottom but they had a couple other colours in the store. It is made by Fulton.



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the umbrella shop is called 'raindrops' and is in PATH under the royal york hotel.

and they did have clear umbrellas, and cutesy rainboots.