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Sector 8: Sweet Beats @ Big Bop


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Saturday night was Sector 8's first attempt at throwing a party, and I have to say I had a great time...

The sound and lights were incredible, probably some of the best I've heard in a space that size...(Big up for the Lazer show in the House/Techno room)

The tunes at this party were nothing short of fantastic, with mostly local talent spinnin up our favorite selections...

Respect to Illfingas for rinsin out a four hour set, and Paul Walker who was right on as usual...

Respect to you Illya and Lenny for a job well done, and for including us in the lineup...

I look forward to their next event, and hope some of you will check it out...

SENSEi www.djsensei.com


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I know there where a lot of people there that night..

No one has anything to contribute???



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Hey sensei I was there and those dj's that played in the main room between 9:00 - 12:00 were wicked. Do you know who they are and where they are playing next.