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Originally posted by Dr Funk MD
How's the weather in the actual Winnepeg?
Warm. In the 20s.

Ugh. I am drunk still and have to go to a press conference. Found some cool Winnipeg places (although they were still kinda lame). Met a friend and he is taking us around town. Bought a really cool handmade necklace off some French hottie.

People really like to eat gelati and walk up and down Corydon Street. It's fucking bizarre. For the most part, Manitoba people are way friendly.



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haha ^^ drunk with responsibilities. Good luck with the press conference... I'm gonna go get a coffee soon... in Toronto...


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There is much love for ice cream and gelati in W town. By default, there are also a ton of big booties. I am amazed at how popular ice cream is.

Manitoba hospitality is off the hook though. Got smoked a joint on the patio of this hip hop bar. I love hearing the perceptions Manitobans have of Toronto (Gay people everywhere, rude people everywhere). I think I've invited like 50 people to come visit me.

Tonight I'm thinking of checking out the gay club, Desire.

I will be sure to keep updating this thread of my Winnipeg adventures.

Now it's time to sleep off this hangover.
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Met some cool lawyers from Winnipeg, the U.K., and Montreal and we were partying hard at the Forks then at the Embassy Club. These people know how to drink. Everyone's like "don't write an article about how sleezy and drunk I am" and I think I swore on my life I wouldn't.

So much good gossip I'm never allowed to use. Damn my integrity.

I have a shopping date on Tuesday with my new Manitoba friend Lenny. He fucking rocks and I wish he would move to Toronto and stay with me. Fucking Prairie boys are awesome! We're going to meet up in Thunder Bay someday...


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My head... it hurts.

I'm leaving Winnipeg today but let me tell you... this city has left an impression on me. While I don't think I would plan to visit Winnipeg for a week, I would recommend you all at least stop in for a few days on your way somewhere else.

Great people, great bars and eateries, great gelati!


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So this is what the conference is for.

Tue, August 17, 2004

Lawyers' 'dirty little secret'

By Peter Worthington -- For the Toronto Sun

It's not that Canadian lawyers want sex with clients --they just don't want sex prohibited with clients.

At the Canadian Bar Association's (CBA) annual meeting in Winnipeg, the 38,000-member organization voted overwhelmingly not to ban sex with clients.

Only they didn't call it "sex" but preferred the word "love."

In this, the CBA differs from its colleagues in the U.S., where the American Bar Association (ABA) has voted to continue a ban on lawyer-client sexual relations - even though the ban is ignored an unknown number of times.

Philadelphia lawyer Lawrence Fox puts it succinctly:

"I'm for sex -- but against sex with clients."

Montreal lawyer Chantale Masse put it differently: "Who are we to impose a prohibition on love?"

"Love" indeed!

We're not talking about love, but about "sex," which may or may not involve love -- at least for a few minutes. Most of us know the difference.

An extensive debate on sex at the University of Virginia's law school a couple of years ago came down hard on lawyers having sex with clients, as well as lawyers having sex inside the office, though this latter is admittedly harder to control.

Prof. Stephen Smith noted the Hippocratic oath forbids doctors from having sex with patients, and feels the same should apply to lawyers.

Lawyers who oppose the ban argue there's a difference between a medical relationship with a patient and a professional relationship with a client. Yeah, lawyers bill by the hour.

Some see the doctor's Hippocratic oath matched by what could be called a lawyer's Hypocritic pledge.

To Prof. Smith, lawyers should choose whether to represent the client or have sex with the client: "You don't get to screw the client twice. If you want to sleep with them, don't represent them."

He adds: "How do you separate pillow talk ... from lawyer-client discussions?"

The Canadian Bar Association doesn't see the client this way. Lawyer David Paul of Kamloops B.C. paraphrases the late Pierre Trudeau's 1967 theme as Justice Minister that the state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation: "the Canadian Bar Association and law societies ... have no place in the bedrooms of lawyers."

This implies that it's okay for lawyers to have monkey business in the bedrooms of their clients, without jeopardizing their personal lives or how they represent their sex partner clients.

The Americans (and British) are more prudish when it comes to sex. Admittedly there's a lot of hanky-panky in big law firms. There's a high ratio of sexual relations among men and women who work for law firms, where men have most of the power.

One sees this all the time in novels and TV shows like L.A. Law.

One has difficulty not believing U.S. lawyers are right. A lawyer's sexual relationship with a client who may be fearful of why she needs a lawyer, and that the lawyer's representation may change her life forever, means a female client is both susceptible and vulnerable.

In California, sex with a client can entail a $10,000 fine and three years in jail. Some 20 U.S. states specifically forbid such relationships.

That said, "sex" and "love" are distinct, albeit blurred relationships. Marriage to a client tends to absolve a lawyer of impropriety.

Ethical considerations of sex with a client seem clear -- as they are in employer-employee relations.

Prof. Smith notes that sex with clients is "our business' dirty little secret ... clients tend to be vulnerable to lecherous lawyers."

Thank goodness, the 38,000 members of the CBA are all virtuous and ethical, and that lechery rarely intrudes on their professionalism -- even though the Hypocritic oath flourishes in Canada.
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That was a funny meeting.

I miss the Peg already. I think I'd be quite successful there.

Anyway, here are some cool Winnipeg things:

Golden Boy


My new boyfriend.


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If anyone is in winnipeg, you know about that crazy tradition of "the wedding social". You know, the party where all of your friends and familly pay cover and buy shitloads of tickets for silent auction prizes to raise money to pay for said wedding? Well mine's tomorrow (the 20th) at fore mentioned gay bar. I think it's the first lesbian wedding social! I think it's the first wedding social with cool house music djs and not "crystal sound" music man. There will be kulbasa and rye bread however. Y'all should come!


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Too bad I'm back in Toronto now, that sounds like fun. I think only randyval is in Winnipeg.

Congrats, lafonque!
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tribe magazine legacy photo exhibit