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Secret Admirer Feb. 14 2004

Paul Who?

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T.E.E.M. Quest and Crippled Wheel would like to personally invite you to am intimate evening of fine music and atmosphere this Valentine's day in Saskatoon. Enjoy a unique environment with an orginal concpet design by Audio and Lighting Logistical Design(A.L.L.) and stay for a night of unforgettable music provided by some of the prairie's finnest Dj's. Be sure to keep this flyer and $7 before eleven PM and more after, it is your ticket and your chance to find your secret admirer. Match the number on the back of your ticket with the number of the opposite colour to win tons of door prizes.

You're DJ's for the evening, spanning two rooms, are...

Fink - Breaks n' house - D.U.I./the fuzz
Paul Who? - the Sounds of house - D.U.I./T.E.E.M. Quest
Lestat - Regina - Breaks - www.sentientdjs.com
Likwid - Downtempo - crippled wheel/D.U.I.
Eclectic - Breaks - www.angrylizrd.com/flychild inc.
Clyde - House - 3 feet deep
and more to be announced.

Amigos Cantina
632 10th ave. S
Saskatoon, Sk

This is a 19+ event
for more info call 306-249-5566 or visit www.teemquest.com
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Dude, he hasn't booked me since we've gotten back from Miami.....

I doubt he ever will again.

And yes, thank you Paul, I was merely joking with you sir. Please don't hurt me.....I'll be good.
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