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SecondLife Apprecaition Thread


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I wasn't into online games or anything that was chatty.....

then I read a couple of netsex articles about Sims Online Pimps and Hoes..... which got me looking for jokes. But then I found SecondLife.com and have been hooked ever since. I guess Everquest would be fun... but I'd rather SL any day....

laugh if you like. it's been alot of fun.
inspired by the soulseek appreciation thread
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man i avoid that stuff like i avoid heroin (yes see my other thread)

no seriously i could probably flush most of my real life down the toilet if i started playing this
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what? really. i didn't have to pay..... it's been fun.... but alas... my access is up on wed. :(

i might try it for a month... its winter. i figure there's too much cold weather not to. hehe.
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The Tesseract

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Originally posted by vveerrgg
the hotel? whats that?

errr.. I mean "The Palace"
i said hotel, cause it looks like a hotel... but it's called "the palace"

it's a shitty chat server thing that uses those stupid little avatars, that is home to really stupid thugs, who argue with punks and goths (generally the punks and goths win the fights cause they're not as stupid as the thugs)