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Second Date


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drop into babaluu's on a wed nite for dinner + salsa lessons and dancing....

it'll be a good gauge to see if
a) he's coordinated
b) potentially good in bed
c) learns quickly


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There's plays and concerts (if you don't mind spending some money and you have similar tastes in music). There's also the Catherine The Great show at the AGO.


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wow. if a dood invited me to a leafs touny at his buddies, all you would see is a cloud of dust....gonzo! but in all honesty, 'dates' suck bollocks. The getting to know you while trying to find places you would never step foot into to try to impress someone. AWKWARD! i usually go to their house or they come to mine or hang out at a bar, and banter about mindless shit like i do with my friends. if it doesnt come naturally, i say its not worth it. you should have a blast regardless of where you are. thats my two cents and its worth a buck. ;)


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I think the best date ever would be going to a Leafs Game, Drinks... Then maybe a bubble bath :)
I have yet to be on or hear of a date taking place as so...
If it has happened, I am super jealous :)