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Seb Fontaine



Haven't see n System that packed since it opened.
I had a great night. Matt Coleridge played a great set. Seb Fontaine played an amazing set. His mixes were nothing special but his track selection was so good. Had me dancing non stop. He wasn't what I expected at all. After hearing some sets of his that my friend had I was expecting his set to be a bit more on the trance tip and harder, I definately prefered what he did play.

Good to see and chill with all the usual suspects, you know who you are.


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Amazing set by Seb Fontaine... Did not dissapoint at all... After listening to his last two sets (Homelands and Quontact) I was ready for a hard progressive set, and he delivered!

Had me dancing right up till 4am when he was done... And yes, his track selection was absolutely amazing, all the latest trax..


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hahaha...eh Tobey???

Seb Fontaine was incredible! I think I was the happiest person at System when he played that wikkid remix of "Hide You" How sweet was that!!! Ahhh, I was in heaven!

kay, I need my bed. I'll post more later!

-Goldielocks <------needs sleep!


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What a way to start off the weekend!

I really didn't know what to expect for Mr. Fontaine as I know call him. He started of a little progressive and then mixed a sick track my Timo Maas,,,"the dance" and from that point I think the place went nuts. It was great seeing system packed, and much respect to the Breathe crew for bringing Seb to T.O. Overall a great night, his set was amazing!
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Wow, what a way to kick off the long-weekend...can't think right now, I'll write my review later...


Special K

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WOW!!! what an awesome night! cheers to the Breathe crew for another WORLD CLASS party. Seb rocked the place, WHAT was that track he played after the Mainframe mix of Sputnik, with the male vocals that went
"i get deep i get deep i get deep i get deep wooooooooo", AMAZING track, and ending the set with It Began in Africa ca ca ca ca ca! brilliant! and that Domination - Hide Out (ubik/kosheen booty) WOW!!! world class choones all night long! all the latest tracks, really good track selection! cant wait to see Lawler next week! I LOVE BREATHE!!!

Special K

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ok ive been told that track was in fact
Fatboy Slim - Song For Shelter (Chemichal Brothes mix)


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I'm glad i got to hear my song
"It began in Afri ca ca ca ca ca ca ca ca..."


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I have heard most of Seb's Prototype cd's, Essential Mixes etc. and was expecting a mind blowing experience but was a little dissapointed. I didn't have a bad time, just thought the mixes weren't all that impressive. The track selection was top notch but I have heard more skilled mixing. Overall a good night and a good start to the weekend!

So looking forward to next weekend. Slacker and Steve Lawler? Absolute insanity. Breathe is the shit right now and I don't think anyone else can touch the talent they got going through that place. Hats of to you guys.

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Well for my first Friday @ System I had a super wikked time! My friend Karen and I got there about 1... I think Seb Fontaine was just getting rolling. It was a pretty good set, but I found it kinda weak myself. Seemed to be lacking something - it was good for sure, I danced my ass off a lot. It began in Africa was definitely a great track...

I think the nod for the night should goto Mark Scaife - he totally threw down on of the best progressive tracks I have heard in a long long time! I was totally into the party once Scaife started droppin beats.

I was impressed with how well the raver and non-raver people got along @ system... definitely return visits will be made! Why did I avoid system on Fridays for so long??? Silly me!!

Glad to see lots of cool TBK characters there as well as the awesome characters I was hanging out with!


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definitely a crazy night at breathe...i haven't seen it that packed in a long time (if at all), but i guess that seb guy is fairly well known
... arrived around midnight to catch matt coleridge playing some great tunes & warming up the crowd...next up was seb, & he didn't look comfortable at all in the booth...i think he even flipped around a few records until deciding where to start...the music was definitely pounding & although he played all the new tracks there was something missing...perhaps a little soul, but programming a set means so much more than playing the big new tunes one after the other...however seb did treat the crowd to some amazing tunes & everyone was totally into his set so i won't be a major critic...definitely an industry buzz in the air & even familiar faces from the old king street west hangout who i haven't seen since last august...

i took off a little early, but i hear mark scaife played a great set...cheers to the left of dj booth cru, good to see everyone, & a pleasure hanging out, chatting & doing a little dancing...i think the next few weeks will be great w/ slacker & lawler followed by the dynamic deep dish duo...hope everyone had a great weekend & still have tonight to go...

til next week, jc

girl friday

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What a wikid crowd. Seb was fantastic and the crowd was INSANE!!!!! People were going off, what a great night.

I love you Breath

Next week = Steve Lawler


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by klaarwater:

Glad to see lots of cool TBK characters there as well as the awesome characters I was hanging out with!

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girl friday

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Hey Rob, what are you, photo op boy? Favorite one is Rob with the ladies on the rooftop at Limelight

See you tonight...well I probably won't actually get to see you but I will definitely be there.

ROB SELECTA ON DA BASS! hehehehehehe.


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:p Seb Fontaine totally ruled my night on friday...
I had an awesome time after I changed out of my dress and into some comfier pants and running shoes so I could bust a move..had a fucking wicked groove going on in the back corner for a nice little while

Seb Fontaine = a definite must see again!


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I haven't seen Seb Fontaine since the time he played long ago at X-it. He was wikked then and I new I had to pop into the good old Sys to check him out again. Outside was crazy. Lots of people everywhere were trying to get in. It wasn't the orderly crowd that usually lines up nicely to hear their dj's on a Breathe night. It was 11:30 so people were trying to get on guest list....or get that reduced cover. The big bouncers kept shit under control though....

Van Damn....da place was packed. I saw the regular System regulars with quite a few "new" faces. Perhaps they were the "Digital" crowed that defected to 117 Peter Street for this special night.

I was expecting to hear Mark Scaife but noticed that I did not see his bald white head behind the plexiglass. Who's that? Oh...Matt Coleridge. He was o.k I have never heard of him before but I wasn't feelin' him.

Soon enough Seb took over the decks. I got a look to see if he looks like his CD cover. The guy is a professional. It is so good to go out in this city and hear DJs who know exactly what they are doing. I thought or at least swore that the last time I saw him it was a total trance night. Tonight my friends?...Techy Trance! Of course with a progressive element. Everyone was loving this guy. There were very few souls sitting down. I am not even sure but I think he may have played longer than 3 hrs. (as opposed to what it said on the flyer) This guy kicks butt!

As soon as Seb left the decks....lots of people also hit the exits. The man has a dedicated following and many fans for sure....please add me to that list!

On an aside....a friend of mine just came back from Hungary and had a dance mag with guess who on the cover....Seb Fontaine! Kudos to System for bringing world class talent to the T dot O dot!

Peace Party People

OLM from HOM

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Sorry I didn't review it earlier, but I had me a crazy weekend ... that night, went with Special K (from the forum), and was prepared for a crazy night.

Matt opened up really good for Seb, and it was great finally hearing Danny's mix of 'I FEEL LOVED' in a club. Stopped by the booth to have a quick drink with Matt. After watching the place fill up nicely, it was soon time for Seb to take over the decks, and when he did, the crowd was appreciative. Good hard set that had me going the whole time. I was right in front of the booth the whole time, just doing my thing, feeling the music go through my body ... taking complete control. We danced hard, right on through til the end of his set. When I finally heard the Chemical Brothers track, I started jumping around, and dancing like a maniac. What a SICK track! ... Anyhow, once Mark got on the decks, we took off, since we both had to work the next morning.

It was a great night, with a packed/appreciative house. Seb rocked my world, but I know Lawler will do better, if he's anything like he was at Elements 2 months ago.

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I really didnt know who he was
I was told by my buds that he rocked
and i took their word for it.
I Figured he would be good, cus of there enthusiasm.
He rocked.
I would see him again
and system was packed
not like i have seen in a long time
Im sure Deep Dish will be the same

See you all there


<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by djcheezwhiz:
next up was seb, & he didn't look comfortable at all in the booth...i think he even flipped around a few records until deciding where to start...the music was definitely pounding & although he played all the new tracks there was something missing...perhaps a little soul, but programming a set means so much more than playing the big new tunes one after the other...</font>
I went to Sona on Thursday night to see Seb Fontaine but we were told at the door that he had cancelled because of a family emergency. That might explain why he seemed a little off in Toronto. Chris Fortier stepped up to fill in in Montreal. He was good, but Lafleche blew the roof off as usual.



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by C-NiCE:
was a little dissapointed. </font>
me too.
I had a great time but it was due more to company than to the music.

Le Rêveur

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After much delay, my girlfriend and I will post our little review. After listening to Seb's "Elements" cd since 1999, we had to see this guy. Man, he did not dissapoint, worth the trip from North Bay ! We got the email from 514 productions ahead of time that he would not make it to Sona on the night b4, so we were really worried if he would be a no-show ! We waited a few minutes to get in just b4 1 am and who greeted us with a good vibe but Seb himself as he was just jumping on the decks ! Wikked start of the night !

For a while, we thought DJ Dan was spinning as throughout his set, Seb layed down 2 tracks from DJ Dan's "another late night" cd that was released in 2000. Those funkee house tracks REALLY got us going. There was an impressive array of beats being delivered from Seb, progressive, funky house, tech-trance, etc... That is likely what makes him a good dj !

See you'se at WEMF ! Look for the big orange hats ! (that will be us