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Searching on google.ca- do it!


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For kicks i decided to search on google.ca for pictures of my favorite techno 'superstars'.

For those that haven't tried it... do it!!! You find soooo many incredibly interesting websites. Not all of them are even in English... but man there's an incredible amount of stuff there on the web about techno. It's really chillin'. It makes you discover that techno is such a worldwide phenomenon and how little the North American scene is.

So yeah... i encourage you all to search on google.ca. Just put in your favorite dood. I for instance looked up Heiko Laux, Dan Bell and Jeff Mills... i got quite a bit of stuff. Its fun for the whole family!

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how do you spell pro-cras-tin-ate?


tee hee :p

it would be nice if there was a search engine for mp3s like google. audiogalaxy is pretty good, but...


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Allie- that exam was my bitch for three hours on Wednesday morning... so don't tell me that more studying needed to be done :p

goa away back to the trance room :rolleyes:

Temper Tantrum

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Shut your ass pretty-boy-techno.

I owned that exam. And I will own your ass. Get back up from ottawa. slut.

Their be pints that need to be drunk on certain patios in the m.dot


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