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SD - 45 [mix]


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Just a little quick mix i did on the ones and two's, and the ones i've been spreading out as of late... thanks for the feedback to those that let me know it cut out shortly into the mix./ Just another installment of ole dougie , still in the game. One take 45 minutes of mixing all seeds of techno [45] for your downloading pleasure :)

This one goes out to oddy , i made this mix the day after i bought quite a few slabs, their in a good home bro :) also to my good friend LT :)

enjoy folks , more to come!

this mix features producers,

Murat, Line 4 , Chris Cowie, Jeff Mills, Greg Gow, Ben Sims, Mike Ink, Steve Rachmad, Heiko Laux, Dj Slip, and Johannes Heil.

Stewart Douglas 45

fat and weiner to the beaver props go out to the iceman isoprax :D

stewart douglas
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you kiddies and your damned jargon! what the hell are you on about now?


thanks for sharing SD


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damn. just ate this up. deep, driving, and warm. some gems in there for sure. see if u can make your next mix longer old man!

tx. stew

Buddy Holly

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Thanks for the copy Doug! I listened to this keeper and I was thoroughly impressed. Nice and deep. Tight mixing and great tracks to round out another great CD. Thanks for another SD installment which adds nicely to the plethora of mixes I have of yours.

Thanks for sharing this one with the rest of us.
(......and thanks for coming down to visit!)

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Dj Slip : sketches : Missile
Mike Ink : polka trax : Warp
Dj Slip : sketches : Missile
Joris Voorn : line 4 : Line
Ben Sims : this is code red : Code Red
Ignacio : organa : MusicMan
Chris Cowie : surething : Bellboy
Ben Sims : unwanted : PurePlastic
Ignacio : humana-ised : MusicMan
Jeff Mills : call of the wild : PurposeMaker
Jeff Mills : call of the wild : PurposeMaker
Murat : pilgrimage : Method 11 11
Greg Gow : echalon : BerattaMusic
Thomas Brinkman : tyranids : Art of Perception