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scumfrog @ Boa??

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can't believe no one's posted a review yet...

IT ROCKED! i think everyone's still recovering - i didn't leave until 9:30am and it was still happening in there....got there around 3:30 and there was a line outside but i dunno how it was moving....
music was dark, deep and duuuuuuuurty - Scumfrog was really just into his set and the crowd was feeling it too...his set had a bit of everything, albeit on the progressive side - house, techno, breaks, trance, funk...technically was pretty good too - only a few glitches here and there...

crowd was pretty good - good looking and just a great vibe

looking fwd to clive henry next wk


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it's unfortunate that I missed this, when he was at system last I thought he was sick, this guy is only going to get bigger and bettER, VERY FUNKY, VERY DIRTY


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This really was a great set, especially the 2nd half. Shame on those who missed it, and if you left early, u missed the best part. Scumfrog played from 4:20am- 9:40am. He didn't use his drum pad and microphone as much as he did the last time, sadly. Many remixes and productions with his signature sound. Good sized crowd with plenty of room to dance. A bulk of the crowd lacked a lot of 'enthusiasm' that was there the week before, but there were many smiling faces in the crowd, many hearing Scumfrog for the 1st time, amazed at this mans skill & style.

Sean Miller also played a great opening set.

Hope to see Scumfrog back here soon! Thanks Boa!


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wild party

Scumfrog & Miller were amazing. Hey by the way, does any one know the remix of Sander Klienberg's "work to do" that Miller dropped ... I want it!!

As always a great night at BOA!!

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Sean Miller started the night out just as he did for Sander K....freakin phenomenal. I thought after seeing him once, that maybe he just got lucky with a great set, and it couldve been possible his set was enhanced by the amazing system. I was totally wrong with that call. He was bang on. Every mix was flawless, tracks flowing so perfectly i could barely make out where one song began and the other finished. Electro, chuggy, deep, sexy beats one after the other. He even played what has been my fav track for months now (i think its called "Phat Dope Shit").....had me goin crazy! Great warmup....fuck warm, that was HOT.

Scumfrog hits the decks. The guy just brings pure electricity to the table when he graces the decks. Hes got almost a rock star quality and really is a complete performer as well as a hell of a producer. Oh yeah, a pretty good dj too. Great tracks throughout his set, i think it matched his set at System, maybe a touch better. Technically though, i noticed that around 7am or so a few glitches here and there but im really just gettin picky now. Kept me burning up the dancefloor all night long, to the point where i had rug burn on my knees so bad i was bleeding.