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Scuba @ Wrongbar

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Friday March 15th :)
And yes, with the hope that his set will be more inspired than the one at Social a couple of years ago.


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when did he play the Social?

I saw him play a great set at the Drake Underground like 2/3 years ago, and then last summer at a Mansion gig at some dodgy Chinese Restaurant.


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sweet - wil buy tickets tonight

oh no!!! same night as Boris Brejcha in Montreal!!
Unless this is on Friday, 15th March.
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Been through his Essential Mix a couple of times in the last week, and really enjoy how he starts it off with a downtempo flow and progresses slowly.

Can't wait for Friday!


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looking forward to finally checking out scuba...especially after missing him at that awful mansion gig in the summer when he came on super late after we were scared away by the horrible egyptrixx set.

i haven't been out this much in ages. it's weird!
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