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Scroll Wheel in Firefox


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So I just got a new mouse for my work computer and the scroll wheel doesn't work in Firefox. Clearly not the end of the world, but I'd rather not use I.E.

How do I fix it? I called Tech Support, but I'm not even supposed to have it on my computer and my tech support friends gave it to me, but the two of them are on vacay (boo!).

I'm using version
The mouse is from Corporate Express. I have the CD for it, and during install I just picked the typical install, as I had to install it with my mouse not working. Should there be options in the install menu, so I just have to reinstall?

Help me!

Cheer Bear

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Check their website, they probably have more recent drivers than the ones that came with your installation cd. :)

That may help :)

Hi i'm God

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Do a search for scroll bar issues w/firefox. Shitty advice sorry but it should help, I had a problem where my scroll jumped and flickered up and down on firefox. I had to change a setting or something and that fixed it.