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screw piercings, tattoos

Cheer Bear

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holy shit.

that's disturbing.

i don't understand how that arm is just not rotting off or how blood flow can properly be distributed to it at all



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Holy Jeebus. That is fucking extreme. I like the alien finger thing, and their plans for creating the "realistic three fingered hand".

Holy criggieminguratic. That's fuck creepy.


..but more power to them. I'm scared to find out what "genital work" they have planned. (shudder)
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Originally posted by bitchass
This interview posted April 1, 1999

Yeah? well

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Anyone got a spare limb... I'd like to surgically attach it to my back.. so I can pick my wedgies without anyone knowing.



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Originally posted by stargurl*
It was Shannon's april fool's joke in 1999.

But if you do happen to be interested in serious mods, buy the Modcon book

what about the rest fo the storied up there? are they fakes too? like the guy who drilled a hole in his skull to increase his conciousness?

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ugh...maybe later as i just ate something...when i read about that guys surgery i got really sick. :(



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Haha... about trepanation... such a load of crap...

"...by cutting a hole into the skull and leaving it open permanently, you would allow a permanent increase in brain blood volume, or that the brain would adjust itself to a new equilibrium, a new 'brain blood volume to cerebro-spinal fluid' ratio. The idea is that by re-opening the skull you would allow more blood to flow to the brain, on a permanent basis, and that you would restore the brain pulsation level to that of infancy, when the skull had not yet sealed itself shut and forced much of the brain blood out of the head. The increased blood to the brain would mean more oxygen to the brain, and the theory is that it would again function at the levels of youth"

The skull (i.e. the bone) doesn't hold back the blood volume... it is just the outer shell...

There is a thing called dura mater... I took an anatomy class where we got to fuck around with body parts, and the most interesting thing was seeing how tough the dura mater was-- almost felt like some sort of synthetic material, like kevlar. It wraps right around your brain, doesn't stretch, and it keeps everything the same volume.

Ignorant dumbasses... if I saw that guy, I'd poke him real hard in the top of his head.