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scratching with dnb


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i've been listening live from fabric on the arena for a couple hours now, and i've heard quite a bit of scratching. nice :D i guess this is what we can expect at future parties. can't wait until i can see it live.
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Tricky kid

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but that is just me

you will see scratching if you watch hype, craze or marky that is for sure.

Juan Love

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Some other wicked scratch wizzards worth mentioning are Teebee and Rascal and Klone...

As for Hype,
That geeza rarely seems to pull out the classic 3 deck, scratch-tastic, ragga infested sets that made him the Don anymore...

His skills are still remarkable, but I do miss the old showmanship...I guess now the masses will just have to settle for blends of Original Nuttah's vocals into just about anything, and double ups or beet-juggling of tunes like Planet Dust, Bodyrock and Ska. Oh, and can't forget those ever so tactical hand and eyebrow movements of his. SEEEELECTA!!

But back to the matter at hand, there is basically a time and place for everything, and I think that as long as it fits the kind of ambiance that the deejay is going for, scratching is a good thing...this means that Marky and Craze can get away with it because of their particular types of sound but the day that Addiction or Calibre start scratching in their sets, it's bound to spell trouble.


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Originally posted by kul-kat
i guess this is what we can expect at future parties.

i doubt that.

there are two sets of peeps, those who like scratching to dnb.....and those who don't.

I think the don'ts far outweigh the do's:)

Big up all don'ts

P.S. if you really wanna see it, go to Marky and Craze this Wednesday @ System
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I skratching over jungle. I figure you mightas well use the decks for all their worth insted of just lettign the records spin round and round.