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Scratche - 60 Minuties Of Phun


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February 17th /2008 -----------------------------
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Track Listing

Rob Base & Dj EZ Rock - It Takes Two
Soul Sonic Force - Looking For The Perfect Beat
Suzanne Vega - Toms Diner


Poxymusic - Our Break
Friendly - The Bump And Grind
Scratche - Electric Dyslexic
Timo Maas - Shifter (Feat MC Chickaboo)
Sharam Jey - Message To Love(Alex Metric Remix)
Pendulum - Out Here
General MIDI - Statement Of Intent
Kelly Reverb - The Electric Texan
Myagi - Wish You Well
Seelenluft - Manila(Headman remix)
Madox - Plastic Fantastic
Robb G & The Phat Conductor - Heavy
Napt - The Rollers feat. Skibadee

March 2nd /2008 -----------------------------
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Track Listing

Souls Of Mischief - 93' Till Infinity (INSTRUMENTAL)
Souls Of Mischief - 93' Till Infinity
The prodigy. - POISON
Grandmaster flash - couldnt read the label..
Ian Davy - Battle ( Be & See Mix)
Dave Dub & The Phat Conductor - Well Fed
kris kross - warm it up(scratche bpm edit)
Atomic Hooligan - Spitball(Robb G and Paranoid Jack mix)
Scratche - Air
Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger
Vandal - Mad As Hell
Myagi vs INXS - Tweak You Tonight
Toth - Public Mind (scratche remix)
Underworld - Cowgirl (atomic Hooligan mix)
The Freestylers - Push Up
Simon Paul - Oil Loop & Filter
The Loose Cannons - Superstars (Boris Dlugosh & Michi Lange Vocal Mix)
NAM LIVE - Church Of Nam (zombie nation mix)

March 16th /2008 -----Guest Mix -- SKANK HONTO ----
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Track Listing

Metric - Monster Hospital [Alex Metric Remix] (white)
The Crystal Method - Trip Like I Do [Rogue Element & Tom Real Remix] (Tiny E)
NAPT - Intergalactic (Sub Frequency Funk)
Swain & Paris - What Is This? [Metric Remix] (Spinout)
Skank Honto - Mexilectro (unreleased)
Stanton Warriors - Night Mover (Punks)
Dave Spoon feat. Lisa Maffia - Bad Girl (At Night) [Beat Vandal Remix] (Electrade)
Everyone's a Crook VS Ils - Love Will Tear Us Apart [LBJ Remix] (Botchit Breaks)
Rennie Pilgrim - Defender (TCR)
Soul of Man - Dirty Waltzer [Trouble Soup!! Remix] (Finger Lickin')
Santos - Try To Burn (Mob)
Digital Base - Superfashion [General Midi Remix] (iBreaks)
Ed Solo and Skool of Thought - When I Was a Yout' [Krafty Kuts Remix] (Against The Grain)
Speciman A feat. Miss Trouble - Freak In Us (Funkatech)
Quest feat. Oddissi - Break Me (Botchit & Scarper)


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March 23rd /2008 -----Guest Mix -- RED TURTLE ----
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Track Listing

All Good Funk Alliance - Sock It To Ya
Grand Def Audio - We're Here To Rock
Rico Tubbs - Ghetto Soul
All Good Funk Alliance - Super Jam
dj Wood - Poppa Large
Groove Allegiance - Moonfrog Jive
Theo - Summertime Groove
Bass Kleph - Get Doh
D Ramirez - Stop the Revolution (Bassbin Twin Remix)
Dom Almond - Shake it (Phillipe Boyar Remix)
Sebastian - Ross Ross Ross
Missy Elliot - Slide that Dutch (Boreta Remix)
TDG - Yoke (TPC edit)
Tipper - Flitch
edIT - Straight Heat
Bassnectar - Wicked
Freestylers - Painkiller (Ed Solo Mix)
Backdraft - Nicotine
Hardy Hard & Lady Waks - Listen
Maelstrom & Napz - Soul School
Merka - My Spaceship

March 30th /2008 -----------------------------
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Track Listing

Fischerspooner - Get Confused
Basement Jaxx - Where's Your Head At(Stanton Warriors remix)
Rennie Pilgrem - Celeb(paisley park mix)
Mylo - Drop the pressure(Future Funk Squad mix)
Plump Djs feat Gary Numan - Pray For You(Lee Coombs Mix)
Magnolia - It's All Vain (Meat Katie Remix)
Kotov & Andre Wilde - Smasher(scratche rmx)-preview
Vandal - Idiots
Freestylers - Get A Life(Poxy Music Remix)
Tom Real vs Rogue Elements - He's So Hot Right Now
Scratche - RPG Incoming
Atomic Hooligan - B.T.P. 2 Feat. Siren
Sointu - Rebel


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April 20th /2008 -----Guest Mix -- MARTY MCFLY ----
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no track listing

April 27th /2008 -----------------------------
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Track Listing

Metric - monster hospital (Mstrkrft rmx)
DDB - Work that Punk
Dylan Rhymes - Fashion Kills (Metric Remix)
Crystal Method - High Roller (Myagi Mix)
Missy Elliot - Bring the pain (bootymix)
Depeche Mode - Its No Good (Scratche Edit)
General Electric - On The Run feat. Llama
Scratche - Night Alright
JDS - Purple Funky Monkey
Planet Funk - Who Said (Moguai Remix)
Dopamine - System Error - General MIDI Remix)
Freestylers - warrior charge (breakfastaz remix)
Aquasky & Friction - Control Freek feat Spyda

May 4th /2008 -----Guest Mix -- ROBB G ----
Download link

Track Listing

1. Rob G & Paranoid Jack - Disaster(atomic hooligan mix)
2. Outfunk "Lost In Music" (Eryc Pryds rmx)
3. Unknown "Breakbeat Loop" CDR
4. Rapid "Daylight" (Jono Fernandez rmx)
5. Sam Hell "Bone Snow" Sinister
6. TJR "Sonic Chronic" Catalyst
7. CJ Bolland "Sugar Is Sweeter" (Twocker mix)
8. Frew & Shopliftas "Bermuda Nights" (Mark Webb Mix) Vacation
9. Robb G & The Phat Conductor "Heavy" (Macca rmx) Promo
10. Atomic Hooligan "I Don't Care" (Ctrl-Z & Pyramid rmx) Botchit
11. Robb G & The Phat Conductor "Heavy" Promo Records
12. Drummattic Twins "Can't Give You Up" Finger Lickin'
13. Robb G "12 Inch Therapy" (Bass Kleph's Dirty Ows mix) Promo
14. Beat Assasins "Play The Game" Mofo
15. Electric Soulside "Second Life" (Rob Reng rmx) Ruff Dog
16. Orbital Halcyon + On + On (Dom Kane rmx) Xeton
17. Green Velvet "Flashapella" Universal
18. Scratche "Electric Dyslexic" Promo

[/b]May 11th /2008 -----------------------------
Download link

Track Listing

Wicked Lester - In The Pocket feat Natasha Thirsk
Twisted Sisters - We're Not Gonna Take It
Noisia - Gutterpump (Tom Real And The Rogue Element Mix)
Freestylers - In Love With You (Rogue Element Remix)
B Funk Productions - 3 Bits Is Enuff
Toth - Public Mind (scratche remix)
John Acquaviva & Madox - Feedback
Simon Paul - Remix The Sun - Vocal Mix
Russta - Boy Will Move It to A Smalltown For A Price
Krafty Kuts - Tell Me How You Feel feat. Yolanda
Roxette - Shes Got the Look(BPM edit)
Scratche - Gone Tomorrow
Azzido Da Bass - Lonely By Your Side feat. Johnny Blake


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