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Scotts "HOHOHO Techno Potluck" party

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by robg1138, Dec 3, 2001.

  1. robg1138

    robg1138 TRIBE Member

    THIS was a great party that only a sellect few were invited to.It was in Kitchener and my friend Scott put together a great evening of food and dance.There was maybe 20 or so people there and a great laser and light setup.He also had DJ Thomas come by for a couple of hours to entertain us with great house music and Sue (Thomas' partner) sang a couple of times WITH the music which was VERY cool...After that DJ Sly was spinning WICKED Techno that I've never heard of before and then he spun some Jungle...And for the final hours of the WEE hours Justin and Steven Thrasher used two 303s for the hard techno...OOoooh it was pure fucking heaven...Its funny that I had to go to a small intimate party to hear awesome tunes...My friend Wunderfly aka Petra was there along with some other friends of ours...I hope Scotty will have another one sometime soon.... [​IMG]

  2. wunderfly

    wunderfly TRIBE Member

    hahaha!! Rob ur hilarious!
    I'm a Ho... ur a Ho... and ur a Ho too...
    it's a Ho Ho Ho party!!

    that was definately the sweetest house party set up I've ever seen... 16 lazers, fog machine, a couple black light art installations, tables and wicked sound... with a small group of techno friendly people, and me dancing in my socks [​IMG] = sweet ass house party.

    It was nice to meet some new people from the K/W area... apparently they take their techno very seriously [​IMG] but still very friendly! wow! <<shocking>> lol

    Sue (the singer) was fantastic! She was like our own private lounge singer... dancing between songs and just oh so sweet! [​IMG] Do you know if her and Thomas have a website? I'd like to see them again...

    and Sly *was* awesome... I havent danced to good DnB/Jungle for a long while... Justin and Steven were really impressive too. That was some serious techno!

    My only complaint - it ended too early!! Whats with this turnin music off and goin to sleep at 3AM crap?? Must be a Kitchener thing [​IMG]

    Thanks *again* Rob for bringing me along. [​IMG]

    I'll post the few pictures that worked out when I get home.

  3. robg1138

    robg1138 TRIBE Member

    Yea it must be a kitchener thing [​IMG] ANyway Scott's Dad was cool about letting Scott have this party...I wished I had my parents trained like he did [​IMG] ...Anyway we got back to my place after we dropped you off...I just wish DJ Sly, Justin & Steve would perform here in Toronto like SYstem or something...Faaaaaawk were they ever SOOO good....

    Anyway thanx for the great food Pet & others...I especially LOVED the Rice crisps with the "special" ingredients (Scott you MUST make more..yumyum)....THose things did something for me [​IMG]


  4. wunderfly

    wunderfly TRIBE Member

    Wow- sounds like I missed a good time. Well- what can you do when you gotta entertain a friend who arrived into town to play the Big Bud party?
    Hey Rob- how come my potluck never got a thread in the Tribe board? hahahah Oh yeah- we didn't have lasers or DJ's. Uh, nevermind! [​IMG]
  5. robg1138

    robg1138 TRIBE Member

    ^^^^^^^ Hey Pet I saw the pix of the party....pretty cool stuff [​IMG]
  6. wunderfly

    wunderfly TRIBE Member

    thanks [​IMG]

    just so you dont think I'm talking crazy talk...

    ^^^was Nat posting under my name [​IMG]


    I'm surprised this thread hasnt been removed yet [​IMG]

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