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There has been a bunch of scotch on sale over the last month or so here (Calgary) So I have picked up a few bottles. Grabbed the Glenlivet 12 for 35 bucks which I thought wasn't too bad. Anyone try the Arran Port Cast one before?


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So look's like Suntory's purchase of Jim Beam now means improved distribution in NA - the LCBO has a limited run of Suntory's Hibiki Harmony. Have bought a few bottles as gifts and think it's fine, although reviews seem more polarized than for the rest of the Hibiki lineup.


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I tried that Crown Royal harvest whatever. Holy shit is that some powerful stuff. I was no ready for it. It was like a 60's Batman show, WHAMMO! It threw my taste buds off so I let it be after a few sips and continued with my beer.

I have to re-stock the basic bottles that have gone empty:
* Dalwhinnie Doublewood + 15
* Glenmorangie Nectar D'or
* Dalmore 12 + 15

And holy crap. I noticed that the Glenfarclas 40 my wife bought for me a couple years ago for $500 is now $1100!! wtf happened? The Glenfarclas 10, 12, 15, 17, 21, and 25 are all about half full. This is going to be like an $1000 trip.


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it's good. a buddy snagged a bottle (drove to Woodstock from Toronto the day it came out).


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Not a big scotch drinker but looking to grab some bottles from lcbo and start to stock the bar.

Looking for some quality recommendations.

Budget is $1000 and would like a couple really good bottles for special occasions, a few nice bottles that come out every now and then, and a couple weekly drinkers.

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Do you like smokey, peaty, or neither?

I am not a fan of the super peaty or smokey stuff so I generally stick to scotch from the Highland or Speyside areas.

Glenfarclas, Dalwhinnie, Dalmore, Glenmorangie, glenfiddich, glenlivet, macallan, springbank, and I pretty much like anything finished in a sherry cask as well.


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Just dropping off a wee tip for a super-low-budget sleeper bargain.

Cameron Brig Single Grain.
Sure it's not up to the standards of the big-hitters age-statement single malt investment-grade stuff
but if you want a surprisingly good wee lallands daily tipple, give it a shot.