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Glenmorangie Cellar 13. Next time you guys are travelling pick up a bottle if you can. Not sold anywhere around here, best in the price range I've had (60-80).


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argh? 13? is that a blend? never heard of a single malt 13 glenmorangie before. cool.

I recently picked up a bottle of Highland Park 18 for 40€ (60CND). Gotta say, pleasant surprise. Usually stick to any of the single malt glenmorangies (18 year artisan/port casks), but wow, I found this one super delicious.

Aerius Zension

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Highland Park 12yr is my fav right now. I think I like it more than Balvenie's 21yr port wood. Haven't tried the 18yr yet.

I know its whiskey, but I have a bottle of 12yr Bushmill's (only avail at the distillery) that I haven't opened yet. Tried a sample in Ireland and the difference between the 10yr and Black Bush is night and day.


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i can probably get that glenmorangie shit here, but i dont know where to find it, and it's probably twice as expensive like everything else in this infernal country.


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i wish i had gotten a bottle of Laphroaig back in the summer. It doesn't seem to be in the LCBO any more. Of course, I haven't asked about it, either.


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Boss Hog said:
I only drink scotch at Christmas cuz it does me right in.

just finihed a bottle of their doublewood.

had a laphroaig last spring. i was looking for it too, about a week ago, and couldn't locate at the lcbo on danforth. betcha their summerhill location has it.

almost time for my annual xmas bottle of



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an annual christmas gift is a great idea. i always buy some stupid pc shit for myself. this year: lagavulin! :D

TaCk OnE?

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I get my dad a bottle of single malt each year.

last year I got him Talisker which he said he found way too intense and peaty.

we recently got a single malt flight for ourselves while out at dinner, and the two we both liked best were Dalwhinnie and glenmorange.

I've given him Dalwhinnie before, and I could get that again, but I've been trying to make an effort to get something new each time because I think it's nice to get to try as many as possible.

can anybody make an educated recommendation based on the two that he did like above to get for this year?


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one nice homeowner gave me a bottle of dalwhinnie cause i was awesome. between the girl and i it lasted 2 nights. and that's why we can't keep nice liquor around the house.

i keep looking at the scatches when i go get beer. still keeping an eye out for the cellar13. i usually trust your tastes, deep.


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I should be out around your way in a week or so on business. Not sure if I'll hang time to hang out but we have a spare bottle kicking around in the office I could pilfer.


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deep said:
There's a sale on the port wood at the LCBO now actually.
and the sherry?

I could have sworn I've gotten 12 year bushmill at the lcbo, not all carry it, but yes, much much better that the cheaper stuff.

The 16 year stuff tasted so good I though I had cum in my own mouth.


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No matter how much I try to appreciate darker spirits, I simply cannot.

Plus every time I have a sip, I have a sudden urge to have a toke of a similarly foul tasting fat cigar.