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What a fun night.. didn't know what to make of it when I got there because it was a scout hall wtf was up with that?lol But it turned out to be a better party then I thought it was going to be from the intial venue skeptisism. Got there about 12:30 with Czech and Scissorkicks, both who I might add are amazing people regardless of their incredible talent as dj's. As mentioned above the venue was a little sketchy a little smelly but did the trick no less, sort of a house party atmosphere which is always nice and intimate.
Czech had mentioned something about how the the room he was spinning in smelt like ass.. someone else said it "Tinked" in there too.. (thank god I wasn't spinning in there, didn't haft to deal with the heat or smell!) I got on the decks about 2 with a nice sized crowd ready to hear some UKG. Started off with the US stuff to get everyone going then got into the heavier dirty stuff then played all the anthems at the end. Definetly a fun set for myself and I thank all of those people who came up to me after and told me they enjoyed it.. Took me awhile to get my head around the mixer. Thanks for the help Willar you are still my jedi dj master

Czech said to tell everyone he had a great time, in his words "you tell them ... CZECH WAS DANCING TONIGHT!"
Anthony (Scissorkicks) had a great time as well, and I might add it was a pleasure having him over at my house for some chinese and plenty of laughs! Both their sets were incredible, I think get down massive (freestylers) is THE best tume for me this month. (apologies in advance for all you well versed breaks dj's who are so hip to the scene you've been there and done that with the song) I had no idea Scissorkicks spun so hard! Like I said saturday he spins the stuff I don't have the balls to play. These guys were great fun having around I look foward to seeing them at a party in Toronto or surrounding area soon.

Ok some of the bad now, Cops showed up just before I got there so I was told to keep the level of music low. The main room did stink, it was like 60 dirty stanky asses all in one room! people adequately clean your bums before partying! The party was supposed to be nineteen plus but it wasn't really enforced nor was there a bar as promoted. A few people were pissed but if you would have asked me I could have got you some beer or pina coladas (were being made all night back stage for those who knew!) FYI to law enforcement pay no attention to that last comment.

After the dust had settled the ship was half sunk but not a total loss in the end because at the end of the night (most) people were happy when they went home. What more could you ask for? This party reminded me of old skool parties, no security, strange venue but amazing people with amazing music so it was all good in da hood.

Hopefully Funk in Fusion will be doing a similar line up (19+ licensed for sure this time I promise!) event this summer in Toronto, when it does happen please remember to adequately clean your bums

You can see pics at www.vidman.ca as well as reviews


ps. Andrew thanks again for all that you have done and accomplished, you put your ass (hope it wasn't one of the stinky ones) on the line and have shown everyone it can be done against all odds, namely the anal retentiveness of Venue owners in guelph.
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DJ Red Lion

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Had a good time plus it's always nice to get back in the 519. Lots of old school Guelph heads inside. Discovered however that the party was in Cambridge most likely Hespler, anyway. Got there kinda late but hey even Willar X can lock his keys in the car sometimes.

Big ups to DJ Quartz for the guest list and the chilled Upper Canada's in the parking lot. In and outs made this a drunken experience and despite the awkward set up you rinsed out a rude set. Shouts to Rubix who also tore shit up, it was nice to finally meet ya. Willar X ended off my night with an awesome set of breaks upstairs. On point scratching, Harvard graduate style programming as mix to mix blended beats and bass lines with pefection.

The Scout House was kinda weird with flags everywhere, carpeted floor upstairs, soft and hard soap in the bathroom and residential townhouses surrounding it like it was a church. I couldn't help but think about all the father son weekends that had been planned there. "Follow the wild goose flight, dip, dip and swing, dip, dip and swing."

Always nice to go home, thanks for a fun night. Another thank you to Court aka DJ Quartz for donating 5 cases of Sleeman to the party. Hellos to Likkle Anne, Rick, Ro, DaveO, Stu & Leroy Brown nuff respect crew. Finally a thanks to Bobby's Taxi Service setting a new 401 land speed record and oh yeah 24 Krispy Kreme's on the way home.

Donnie W. / Red Lion


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speaking of taxis.....

the BEST part of my night was when the taxi pulled up to my place in Guelph and the fare was only $33.....it costed $38 on the way there. the infoline lied...said it was 19kms from Guelph

it was also supposed to be LISENCED....no mention of that until my friends paid to get in.....and i guess the 19+ was also a lie....KIDS everywhere

sound in main room was good, sound in both other rooms was horrible...my bedroom setup is louder. i suppose this was a result of the POLICE lingering around, and the fact that the venue was in the silliest of silly locations...smack dab in the middle of a quiet residential NEIGHBOURHOOD!?

all rooms smelled like shit (literally)

essentially it was everything i expected it not to be

i give it a 1/10. if i hadn't gone i'd give it a 10/10 because i surely would have had a better time elsewhere, even at home sleeping


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Re: speaking of taxis.....

Originally posted by gasper
i give it a 1/10. if i hadn't gone i'd give it a 10/10 because i surely would have had a better time elsewhere, even at home sleeping

ouch! I didn't end up making it out there because I was too cracked out from S&D on friday, but it looks like things worked out for me in the end. Good luck next time boys.

When I heard the party was in Cambridge, I knew party drama was soon to follow. :(


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sketchy venue full of sketchy ppl. me included :D haha......i was so burnt from the night b4 i had no energy!

when we first walked in, it felt like i was in 'humman traffic'. lights on....looks like a house, music pumpin', flow of traffic down a hallway and stairs, it was crrrrrrrrrazy! haha.........then to hear no alcohol! oh my, at that point i was DYING for a beer!

czech was spinning a kick ass set as per. usual czech set. but the room was 'yay' big, and full of rockin' out ravers! haha....as soon as u stepped in the room it felt like las vegas!

we ventured to the ukg (carpeted room) where neil (thundah) was spinning. Neil ur set put me in a better mood. could be the alcohol that we snuck off to drink also :D but seriously, wikkid track selections. lovin' the chill sounds of the ukg!

from then on.........my night had a turning point. we were out probably more than in. smoking and smoking and smoking. so by this time we were right in the perfect mood for willar's set. we just kicked bak and had a blast upstairs to willars set. and dayum, i missed scissorkicks!! i just remembered that.

shouts out to a kick ass cru of ppl. to party with! mario go kart say wha??????????? pssssst...i saw glowstix!

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oh yea....

crazy how there was only one working bathroom downstairs, and not one single line-up :eek: kinda sketchy at the end seeing an 'old' lady wandering about totally sober.? maybe timmy forgot to tell mommy scout camp was canceled this week :D


Uncle Bobby

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Interesing night. Well I can say I've done it. The Scout House. Hespler. Its done.

The Krispy Kremes on the way home maqde it all worth while. Those glased ones with then whipped cream in the middle! WOW:eek: I'm in love!



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Definitely a good night which admittedly started off a little slow, but picked up pace as the night wore on. Not a bad little crowd, perhaps a little YOUNG, but I was half expecting this seeing as it was in a Scouts House...:) which in itself was a great conversation piece throughout the night, as we could all imagine the horrors some scouts would probably find in some obscure corner of the place...i wont go into details!;) Late into the night I saw what was perhaps one of the management people walking around surveying the damage...lets just say she wasnt looking too pleased! I guess therell be no more parties at scout camp!

Props go out to Thunder who has vastly improved his turntable skillz! Nice job matey! I quite honestly didnt hear too many other sets throughout the night, mainly because a) i didnt want to go into the main room which was kinda steamy. b) i was tired as hell from the night b4, and was a little too beat to do much dancing. I did catch Jason Marshall (who was typical Jason Marshall good)..and of course the international key-locking-in-the-car-wonder Willar X who played the track i was absolutely annoying everyone with all night...

"Dont let the walls cave in on me!" - Repeat over and OVER, and OVER, and OVER again. :D

All in all..a good road trip, a good party, and a good night...but perhaps next time we should all stay away from scouts houses! Carpeted floors are a bitch to dance on!