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Scissor Sisters!!!!!!!!


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i staretd a scissor sisters thread in here a while back when i got my ticket.
no one replied.
I reply here because i am in the know.
THIS SHOW IS GONNA BE 100% pure good-times.

I launch into the watoosie!


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Originally posted by Destro Sanchez
wish i had the duckets to get to this jam and just fucket

i;m not sure what that means. but if ya mean $...the show is only 13.00!

* * * * * * * *

I wonder who the Warm-up act will be?
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sneaking up on us.

A buddy of mine lives in Glasgow now and says SCISSOR SISTERS are one of the BIGGEST bands in all of Europe right now.
Apparently they have a "feud" going on with THE DARKNESS....how silly.
They have also been asked to be Elton John's Warm-up act i the near future. they keep growing and growing.

anyway. for 13.00 you'd have to be stupid to miss this. Only because by X-mas they are gonna be a shit load bigger...and it's always nice to catch a band before the explosion. (ie. Radiohead for 12.00 @ RPM, Strokes for 10.00 @ The Horseshoe (i think), etc.)

besides, their shows are supposed to be FANATSTIC!

(wish i knew who was warming up....hoping for Kenny Glasgow, love that party-man and his sweet sounds)
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