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Science & Reason - 3rd Avenue Podcast Episode 015


TRIBE Member
I wanted to share a set I recently put together for 3rd Avenue's podcast.

01. Madloch & Subnode - Second Sight (Reprise) [3rd Avenue]
02. Alex Schaufel & Anhem - Pivot (BOHO & Matthais Seibert Remix) [Dear Deer]
03. Daraspa - My Poem [Dear Deer White]
04. Damon Jee - Drifter [Correspondant]
05. Darlyn Vlys - Runner (TS Vocoder Mix, S&R Edit) [Polymath]
06. Formel feat MILA V - Hide & Seek (Paul Hazendonk’s Verstopjedub) [Manual Music]
07. Audioglider - Stockfinster (Julian Rodriguez & No-No Remix) [ICONYC Noir]
08. Chicola - Dead Celebrity’s [Lost & Found]
09. T Raum & The Wash - Final Round (MoodFreak Remix) [Yin]
10. Science & Reason - For the Drive Home [3rd Aveune]
11. Sasha - Bloodlock (Science & Reason Breaks Remix) [CDR]
12. The Cure - Burn (Science & Reason Remix feat. Luke Chable) [CDR]