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Science and Reason - September 2013, Progressive


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01. King Unique - 200000 Suns (KU Heat Death of the Universe Mix)
02. Damabiah - Irminsul, Le Pilier Du Monde (Adam Beyer Mix)
03. Damabiah - Au Paradis (Marc Marzenit Vintage Remix)
04. Khen & Sonic Union - Introspection (Cid Inc Mix)
05. Madloch & Beat Syndrome - Waiting Game (Luis Junior Mix)
06. Electric Rescue - The Four Keys
07. Pigi, Pirupa - Rough N Raw (Alan Fizpatrick Mix)
08. UNKLE - Burn My Shadow (Radio Slave Mix)
09. Lamb - Butterfly Effect (Mindaugas Jak Black Mix)
10. Ri9or - When Frida Sings (Cid Inc. Mix)
11. Gridlock - John Digweed (Henry Saiz Mix)
12. D-Mand - Weltesser (Verve Remix)
13. Christian Smith - Vision (Dosem Mix)
14. Cid Inc.- Cloudberries (DNYO 2013 Microcastle mix)
15. Max Cooper - Pleasures (Mariano Favre 'from the heart' intro mix)
16. Spooky - Belong (Sasha Involver Remix)
17. Dave Seaman and John 00 Fleming - Unexpected Item in the Packing Area (Hernan Cattaneo and Martin Garcia Remix)
18. Electric Rescue - Lili Reve
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