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Science and Reason May 2013


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I finally got around to recording a new set. It's a mix of new and older tunes from the last two years, basically covering stuff I wanted to use but never got around to.

Download: http://scienceandreason.com/mixed_sets/scienceandreason/scienceandreason_May2013.mp3

01. Baboop - Yes We Can (Luis Junior Mix)
02. Paul Vervoort - Reminiscence (Jorg Murcus Remix)
03. Maetrik - Crush on Me
04. Andrea Fissore - Back in the Days
05. Andrea Fissore - Downtown Stories
06. Yooj - Mademoiselle (Martin Buttrich Remix)
07. Yooj - Mademoiselle
08. Santos - Primitive Cannible (David Gtronic Remix)
09. Maetrik - The Entity
10. Ian Pooley - CompuRhythm (Dixon 4x4 Treatment)
11. Gabriel Ananda - In Between (Ron Costa Remix)
12. Gabriel Ananda - In Between (Microtrauma Remix)
13. David Granha - Catch Me (Ryan Davis Remix)
14. Dale Middleton - Sudofemme (Tvardovsky Remix)
15. ‪Kosmas Epsilon, Dio S - Tsegene Machala (Cesar Lombardi Remix)‬
16. Darin Epsilon & Tom Sela - Metamorph (Luis Junior Mix)
17. Luke Abbott - Hello Tazelaar
18. Serafim Tsotsonis - Alone in The Stars (SCSI-9 Modern Dance Mix)
19. Portishead - Roads (Max Cooper Mix)
20. Pillow Talk - Soft (Life and Death Mix)
21. Hideo Kobayashi - Teardrops with Ramsu Faber
22. Glenn Morrison & Bruce Aisher - Amoeba
23. Nick Warren - Devil's Elbow (Max Cooper Remix)
24. Hans Zimmer - Time (Alcala Inception Remix)
More sets available at -= Science and Reason =-
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