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Schwarzenegger: Gay Marriages Must Stop (uh oohhhh)

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Originally posted by PosTMOd
Why are you asking the question, if not to discriminate?

By this logic they can't ask for age or birthdate either.

Look mens washrooms and womens washrooms are prefectky valid. Age restrictions on alcholol and gambeling are prefectly valid. Society accepts that a certain amount of differentiation between sexes is perfectly valid and legal.

However for a marriage license you always have to provide a blood sample anyway.

However changing the difinition of marriage is not a municiple matter. Its a state matter. The city cannot violate the laws of the state that it is in.


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The question itself is NOT discrimatory, unless it is followed by a discriminatory act.

Thus, when is comes to marriage, to ask if one is male/female is not discriminatory, but to ask someone to PROVE that they are male or female for the purposes of performing or not performing a ceremony IS discriminatory, insofar as the male/female requirement in the marriage ceremony is ipso facto discriminatory. If it weren't discriminatory, there would be no need to ask for PROOF of male/female.
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I'm curious.... I don't really care about this issue on account that it's been raging on for centuries and stuff.

But.... Are those that are against Gay Marriage necessarily against Homosexual relationships?

While i'm not necessarily supportive of either side, this is funny and has some merit.