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School Night Sessions (Melodic Prog House)


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Synths, pads, building lines and melodic progressive house...

Fearless, Sied Van Reil
Still Standing, DJ Sultan
Perfume, Moodway
Superenlightened - Circulation Mix, Relation
Does she know yet?, Max Graham
Kashmir, Ray Calman
In Leaps and Bounds, The Last Atlant
Superfly - Greed vs Mental X Dub, Yellow Blackboard
Moodswing, Junk Science

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This is a cool set dude. It's good to hear people that can playing banging tunes but can also chill it out a bit and still hold it together. Nice work!



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Cheers Matt.

Music's too good to stick to spinning one thing. Anything with a groove that makes me bob my head is good enough to mix with, I reckon :)

Did you ever check out School Night Sessions 2?
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just got to this now... nice tunes on a day like today. just the kinda moody stuff that fits right in. great mixing too. thx.
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