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Scarey Thoughts


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16% of all Americans believe that the world is out to get them. Of those, 46% are gun owners.

17% of college graduates would punch themselves hard in the for $50.

34% of those who voted in the last election believe "Forrest Gump" was a documentary.

39% of Americans believe that guns are not "as dangerous as they say."

16% of Perot voters thought is dolphins were really smart, they could get out of those nets."

62% of Americans believe that a trip to a major theme park is more culturally enriching than a trip to the Reagan Library.



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100% of the people in this thread so far have watched the Naked Truth recently.

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Kent: Mr. Simpson, how do you respond to the charges that petty
vandalism such as graffiti is down eighty percent, while heavy
sack-beatings are up a shocking nine hundred percent?
Homer: Aw, people can come up with statistics to prove anything that's even remotely true, Kent. Forfty percent of all people know that.
Kent: I see. Well, what do you say to the accusation that your group has been causing more crimes than it's been preventing?
Homer: [amused] Oh, Kent, I'd be lying if I said my men weren't committing crimes.
Kent: [pause] Well, touche'.


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There are exactly 3950 people who have never posted on tribe (I'm serious, I just counted them by each page of 10's).
If Deep gave all of those people three of his posts, he would still have 519 posts which would mean his ranking for posts would still be at 225th highest poster.
If he gave them all one of his posts he would be at 6419 posts and that would put him at the 3rd highest poster on Tribe!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to blow the competetion away deep!
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