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Scandal Inside!!


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that's the funniest alias on here i've seen in a while...props!

that grooverider thing is pretty funny too...he does seem a bit large-headed, doesnt he?

"his usual cunty self" hahaha


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"fuckin townee cunt"....that's priceless.

The guy who wrote the review sounded drunk too...way too many incoherant sentences...funny story though:)

Juan Love

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Originally posted by smile
he does seem a bit large-headed, doesnt he?

But it's more than overstandable...afterall if it wasn't for the Godfather we wouldn't be here (inna 'Jungle Forum') right now, seen?
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Tricky kid

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i have a set from the groove on his radio show from feb15th and i love it cause he says that people who like house are gay

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