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Scammed by Playboy

justin surdit

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So I go to the local variety store to pick up some things, and I glance at the magazine rack. Low and behold, I see a picture of Jessica Alba on the cover of Playboy. Jessica Alba - NICE!!!

Now, I'm not one to buy skin mags (pssht - who pays for porn these days) but this really piqued my interest. For those of you who have never procured such an item, Playboy is wrapped in plastic. Seeing as how there were a couple of women in the store, I kinda felt nervous and didn't really look at what was written on the cover. I just grabbed the magazine in a nonchalant manner, and added in with the other items I was buying. So I get home, and open the magazine - lo and behold!!

There was no nude Jessica, only an article hailing the "25 hottest women in the world" (of which she was voted #1). Not only that, but it looks like they just re-used a bunch of Maxim/FHM style photos of them all and spread it out over three pages. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since when was the cover girl not found naked within the pages!


To add insult to injury, Willa Ford was the "celebrity" poser. Willa F&$%ing Ford, people. Had she been on the cover, the magazine would never have gotten a second look. Damn you Hugh Hefner, damn you!!!!!!!! I guess he realized what a drawing card (or lack of) Ms. Ford would have been, so he resoted to such blantant trickery to get my hard earned $7.99

I don't know whether to hate him, or to love him for his ingenious marketing ploy.

On the plus side, there is a decent interview with Kanye West in it.


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considering he hasn't been the editor in years, i think you should cut hugh a break.

blame his whore daughter that runs the family biz now


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I saw that Willa Ford pictorial the other day and I've gotta say, it's miles better than the usual celebrity pictorials.

(they always have a Year in Sex story and put a hot mainstream babe on the cover...is what I've been told).