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Say hello to Saturday morning!


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what's everyone up to on this grey looking day?

I'm planning on some cleaning, some walk in clinic, some spinning of records, a movie, Nathan Phillips Square and a jogging pants party tonight.


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Hello Saturday afternoon. Not feeling very well at all today. Sore throat, earache... hopefully will be better for the flight tomorrow.


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Good morning. :)

I'm off to the Hammer for the day.

woot woot!

Then jogging pants party tonight - yeah! :D


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Tell me more of this jogging pants party - it sounds most exciting!


- Goto school at 11 for some dumb seminar that I dont really care to goto, but need to

- Do lots of laundry, the buildings washers busted last week, and it had already been far too long between laundry loads, its starting to get kinda crusty in here.

- Work on a programming assignment thats due on the 2nd
- Work on a case study thats due monday morning
- Work on a 30+ page essay thats due on Thursday
- Study ACC100 for my exam on the 5th

and, post on various message boards, and maybe sneak in some WoW.


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not a good morning.

i went to bed @ 6am, now i'm awake and rushing to get ready for work.
Well, i can't be rushing too much since i obviously have time to post on here...lol


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Ok I'm brewing a seriously awful headache. Time to go waste the rest of my last day here in a dark hotel room :/


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Originally posted by Skipper
No, at your work. I was going by to see timmah across the street at his studio around 5.
ahh nice

On a regular week day, i like working in this area.....but coming in on saturdays is for the birds!


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Today: cleaning the house then going looking for a new tv.
Tonight: going out for indian food with friends then coming home to watch a movie (hopefully in the movie room).


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Q. When is not a good time to start grinding the floors in the apartment above me?

A. Saturday morning, 8:10 AM



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i'm going for a run, then to pick up my dad's truck so i can venture out into suburbia in a snow-worthy vehicle (darn summer tires are still on my car), pick up my girlfriend, then head to georgetown for a baby shower.

play silly shower games, eat finger foods, drive back, return girlfriend, return car, return home, collapse and decide what to do with my saturday night...


good morning everyone!