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Say Goodbye to Breaksfest at the Elmo

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by dlerium88, Dec 2, 2000.

  1. dlerium88

    dlerium88 TRIBE Member

    Last night, (the last night at the elmo) had to be one of the best nights I've ever had. The music was amazing (as always), the real breaker crowd was out...the hardcores, and lots of people who had never even been. The vibe was amazing...(or maybe that was just me).The thing I loved about breaksfest always was that if I went at the end of any weekend, be it good or bad it always made it that much better (or at least made it neutral). But I always knew if I really needed to be cheered up I could goto breaksfest and I would no longer have any worries at all...

    It was and still is an amazing weekly night that will never loose its special little place in my heart. (Aww IM soo cheesy). But we all know that even with the same people running it, same djs, same crowd...it will never be the same at Systems as it was at the El Mocambo.

    Thank you to all the people who run it, and the djs and the amazing hardcore breaks fans for such an amazing night...it was sad...(as anybody who saw me last night knows i was feeling).

    Ok i need to sleep now...so thats all.

    "Change is inevitable, accepting it is a choice."

    YAY [​IMG]

    Daym Im a cheeseball today

    BTW...super big shoutout to my breaker girls..Danielle and Sarah..you guys rawk my world [​IMG] *muah*
  2. MikeTwisted

    MikeTwisted TRIBE Member

    I'm not into straight breaks (meaning entire sets of breaks) so don't flame me for this but I think if it's the same promoters, the same DJs and the same happy dancin' peeps that made the El Mo wikked on Sundays then it really shouldn't matter what venue Breaksfest is at.
    The people make the party and from what I've heard...Breaksfest is slammin'.
    (I went once when some friends dragged me out on a Sunday and the people were going off...even though the El Mo is a filthy venue. Now that's love for the music!!!)
  3. ecstasy riot

    ecstasy riot TRIBE Member

    yeah how was it...my boyfriend went and i was home and now he's sleeping and cannot go out [​IMG]
  4. beaker

    beaker TRIBE Member

    holy drunken-ness!

    d-monic - thanks for the shot.
  5. dlerium88

    dlerium88 TRIBE Member

    Thats the point. The El Mo is a filthy venue, but it didnt matter because so many people would come out anyway. Its just a nostalgia thing...

    I didnt say that it wouldne be good at systems..just won't be the same. The original breaksfest kinda deal ya know?
  6. rudebwoy

    rudebwoy TRIBE Member

    yes, yes, yes...definatly a proper send off..

  7. eco.R1

    eco.R1 TRIBE Member

    ......damn, Breaksfest was the shit!
  8. D-Monic

    D-Monic TRIBE Member

    FYI, the 'original breaksfest kinda deal' was at Element... not the Elmo...

    ... and will you guys please get over it! You're depressing the hell out of me.

    Every post I read about Breakfest's moving is always like 'boo hoo, no more Elmo', or, 'Breakfest just won't be the same'. Will it be the same? No... it will be better.

    Finally, we will be able to hear bass heavy music on a system that was meant to handle bass... not bands.

    Finally, (for the guys) we will have good looking bartenders that will be able to handle a busy night quickly and efficiently.

    Finally, we will get a venue that can accomodate any size of crowd comfortably, and is classy enough to host big-named out of town talent.

    Finally, we'll be rid of soundguys who tweak the sound in the middle of a mix, or rig the sound so that the monitor in the DJ booth is louder then the main system (like on Friday), or beat up the DJ's if they touch the PA (like last Sunday).

    Good times were had at the El Mocombo, yes, but better times are ahead. The night has evolved into an institution with a following like no other and it should be in a venue that will help advance the night, and raise the bar a little. It's all about progression... and getting out of the ghetto.

    I strongly believe the move will benefit everyone... DJ's and party-goers alike.

    Look to the future, people... get out of the past.
  9. Dam That SnarkEE Kid

    Dam That SnarkEE Kid TRIBE Member

    Oh my God!

    I forgot about Element. That was way back when I didn't even know what Breaks were, and I just went to this "thing" because my friends made me go.

    It didn't seem so weird there, but thinking back I can't even imagine the idea of Breaks in the Element space.

    Anyhow, thank you for making me remember that. Puts everything in perspective. [​IMG]

    -'Member when they hole-punched your membership card?-
  10. mcbee

    mcbee TRIBE Member

    big kiss to you ladies too.
    okay. i dunno really how to post this, but friday was all that and a bag of chips.

    in fact, it was all that and a can of pringles (pringles are the high end of chips, for sure!! [​IMG] [​IMG])
    as dlerium said, breaksfest is always my happy spot at the end of a weekend. whenever those 'oh god, its monday tomorrow' thoughts would come over me i would just remind myself that there was still breaksfest to go to. it always has, and always will, put a *huge* smile on my face. despite the slight sketchy factor, breaksfest really and truly is a nite all about friends, music and dancing your fucking ass off. friday nite was absolutely no exception. it was such mayhem, i can't entirely remember the nite ;P (and my hangover on saturday was not so good) all i know is i danced so much, chatted so much and basically had such a great time!! so to pat and france, all the djs, the sexy door kids, and all the breakers...thanks for creating such a nice nite. a fine memory. [​IMG] looking *so* forward to creating lots more at System. see you guys on the 10th.
  11. Moez

    Moez TRIBE Member

    I had an amazing night, although I went there completely delirious with the flu.... I still managed to get in a few hours of dancing and chilling with the Breaksfest crew... good times all around, until the people at the bar decided it would be cool to charge me for a glass of ice.... what's with that?
    I can't say that going out improved the fever though [​IMG] it was a rough day after for sure....
    But a special thanks to SUNKIST, Subsonic Chronic, True Blue jungle GI and E-Riot for their compassion and for taking care of my sorry sickling ass....
    I love you all to death...
    I will miss the elmo, but live in the now and learn to accept the changes that are dealt...
  12. Subsonic Chronic

    Subsonic Chronic TRIBE Member

    Oh man... yeah, exactly what Matt said. And thanks d-monic for the shot!

    Moezzzzzz, don't worry about the illness, at least you didn't get me sick. And you're all better today so nuthin to worry about. [​IMG]

    What a wicked night to end off the El Mocambo breaksfest run. Maybe putting it in a new venue will scare away some of the skechiness that was there. A friend of mine almost got robbed that night!!!

  13. joey

    joey TRIBE Member

    too bad i had to work until 1am
    and got there at 2:02 and they wouldn't even give me a beer....

    i was sad there.....
    i didn't even dance....
  14. CIRCE (Sir C)

    CIRCE (Sir C) TRIBE Member

    Hey! Don't be dissin' the Elmo. Some of us remember when the Stones played there for Margaret Trudeau. The Stones are classy, right? [​IMG]

    Anyway, it was an amazing night. I was the one with the big-assed smile on my face all night - wait a minute, that could have been anyone... [​IMG]
  15. Sunne Dee

    Sunne Dee TRIBE Member

    I cant even remember it [​IMG]


    All i remember is screaming at the road outside and trying to pick up gino's from Tonic? I duno .. but i think i had fun.

    I havn't gotten wasted like that in ages... ahhh well, a good way to enjoy the last time at the El m0!

  16. D-Monic

    D-Monic TRIBE Member

  17. mcbee

    mcbee TRIBE Member

    you bastard.

    drunk mcbee caught on film....yuck.

    either way, still a fun nite!!
  18. dlerium88

    dlerium88 TRIBE Member


    Drunken McBee?...NEVER...

    nope i just wont believe it dammit. [​IMG]
  19. D-Monic

    D-Monic TRIBE Member

    Yep... right along with drunk D-Monic, drunk Robb G, drunk Meric, drunk Pete... and the rest of the Drunk Breaker Massive!
  20. kate

    kate TRIBE Member

    Hate to nitpick, but the first breakfest was at the elmo. It then moved to some rocker bar that was really big (on Queen Street) near Sanctuary. I forget what it was called, but it was there twice, and then went to element...and then finally back to the elmo.

    Couldn't help myself...
  21. Papa_P1

    Papa_P1 TRIBE Member

    I'm glad it's moved from El Mo,'cause it wuz a shithole venue and WTF,chargin' fer glasses of ice,fukk that!!!
    I don't even remember how much i used 'ta pay fer heinis' there but i DO remember it was way overpriced for the venue,here' to System,yaya!!!

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