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saved by the bell seasons 1+2 dvd set

Special K

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anyone know where i can rent it?! or even buy it for cheap ...

i need to use an episode from season 2 in a presentation i have on tuesday

rogers+blockbuster dont have it ... pleaaaaaaaase help!
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Flashy_McFlash said:

What episode? I may have it on tape.

what would be a good torrent site for something like this?

and its the one where jessie turns into a cracker (caffeine pills b4 a big test or something like that) and totally sketches out @ the end ... titled "jessies song"


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ha! of course.

Have you tried mininova? I would think it wouldn't be too hard to find. Also, look on youtube...I think kmac posted a link to that vid not too long ago.
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its on high stakes testing

and how it can lead kids to do some pretty crazy shit just to get an edge on a test ... how kids have reacted to some of their past high stakes tests (like committing suicide etc)

and how some kids in general feel about high stakes testing!