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14K Cannabis seed slider pendants by tribe

save the robots...


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i had a fucking wicked time!!!!

my boi's Curt Martin and Freddy Paulo did an awesome job behind the decks, and i have to say Arthurs did a fine p.a !!

great to see the following out....

birthday boi- philly

his girl Mel
tommy Smalls....yes i am that old.
Laura aka Madness...again, yes i am that old.

my crew:Shamus,Greg,Fred,Curt, oh wicked sweater Greg...
my ajax crew
uanne, Kenny
Derek:from tribe, nice to meet yah!
Adam:always a pleasure....

Satan Techno representin'--> Rob Dearlove,and Erwin J....good seein yahs!
bitch- Kym...

Paul- good to see yah- glued to cnn

my sis-Laura, and my girl Mel....

hope i didnt miss anyone, i was pretty intoxicated....but had wicked fun...




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Defineatly a fun fun night

arthurs pa was excellent, i want some of his stuff on vinyl.
it was cool to see tommy and laura again
as well as all my irc crew.

i cant wait for next month



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great night out - glad to see that a lot of other people were out to save some robots too...too many robots been dying in this city - gotta bring em back....LONG LIVE THE ROBOTS!