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save the music in T dot - a call to help to all techheads

Discussion in 'Techno Room' started by Straight Up D Shit, Dec 25, 2001.

  1. Straight Up D Shit

    Straight Up D Shit TRIBE Member

    It's up to you to help brings some incredible talent to TO
    Anthony Rother
    Kenny Glasgow
    Kevin Saunderson as Innercity
    Thomas Chrome
    all u have to do is vote for them at www.wintergalactic.com

    pls pls help educate people still stuck in trance land that there is better music out there [​IMG] u can see Anthony Rother or Mario Picotto (blah!)...all up to u

    a cry for help!

    peace & much love to all for the holidays & a happy new year!
  2. tEkKiD

    tEkKiD TRIBE Promoter

    Kenny Glasgow plays here in Toronto as it is.....no need to vote him..

    as for Krome...blahhhhhhhh..

    i will place my vote for Murat..thanks...

    done and done.


  3. The Electrician

    The Electrician TRIBE Promoter

  4. s.a.t.u.r.n

    s.a.t.u.r.n TRIBE Member

    to bad murat cant come to toronto...
    ::shakes his head::
  5. d.code

    d.code TRIBE Member

  6. Straight Up D Shit

    Straight Up D Shit TRIBE Member

  7. Straight Up D Shit

    Straight Up D Shit TRIBE Member

    sorry for the double post, YES HE CAN...he's time is done & if we really want him, he'll be here
  8. s.a.t.u.r.n

    s.a.t.u.r.n TRIBE Member

    uhhh he can? sorry i doubt you but I dont think so. If he can... email me his booking info :p

    I have been wanting to get him up here for the last 1.5 years.... but ya.. as I said I DONT think he can come up here....
  9. s.a.t.u.r.n

    s.a.t.u.r.n TRIBE Member

    oh ya and as far as saving the music in t-dot.... where the hell are you at all the small techno events that are going on.... yourself or any of the other so called "tech heads" its sickening.. you people whine n complain there is no techno yet when there are techno events your no where to be seen.

    ya bitter much? YES cause of stupidity of people whining and bitching about wanting parties yet when there are events unless its some huge name dj or a party your friend is throwing ya don't support it.... bleh...and no I'm not just directing this at one person but all people that do this.. you KNOW who YOU are.
  10. Straight Up D Shit

    Straight Up D Shit TRIBE Member

  11. CosmicbOi

    CosmicbOi TRIBE Member

    isnt Murat banned from Canada...?

  12. s.a.t.u.r.n

    s.a.t.u.r.n TRIBE Member

    I'm not trying to start a fight just stating the obvious.. I know you throw events... we all do.
    As for meaness? i'm not benig mean just telling it how it is. If people want techno events and good parties.. go out and support the ones that are being done, smaller companies will never be able to bring in bigger names to the events if they keep on loosing money on the ones they are doing.

    As for comming together and collaberating.. I know all about that.. watch for it in the new year (infact watch your email for a email soon regarding that :p). I'm not trying to split hairs... just stating the obvious.
  13. Straight Up D Shit

    Straight Up D Shit TRIBE Member

    The time he had to wait has passed, he only needs to have a court appearance, i've been talking to him a lot and trust me, not to sound conceded, which I am [​IMG] if I want something to happen, it usually does, it all depends on how hard you fight for it

    as for dear s.a.t.u.r.n. sorry i never made it to your parties, i really wanted to, but so many things, so little time & I have supported 'nuff techno events trough my time, if u know me that well, u should know that

    also, u r comparing apples & oranges, u have the chance to hear Anthony Rother, one of the best techno/electro producers in the world, who has never been to North America & I sure am not going to Germany any time soon, who travels with 5 huge boxes of gear, I mean this is art, this should transcend competativeness for the sake of being THE techno night, or fights between promoters because we feel we don't get enought credit, @ least that's how I think, I might be naive but I refuse to turn into the next Eddie K or Jen Star & start thinking I am the end all & be all of the scene. I will support anyone with good intentions and who brings good music and if this it u s.a.t.u.r.n. then I will support u too.
  14. s.a.t.u.r.n

    s.a.t.u.r.n TRIBE Member

    1- I didn't claim to know you so well
    2- if you want murat here and you can bring him what are you waiting for.
    3- as for you not coming to "dear Saturn's" parties.. well you have come to some.. and that's not what I as bitching about.. I'm not bitching about you not coming to MY events but just any events.. also if you would have read I wasn't just pointing that comment towards yourself. But to comment on you supporting "nuff" techno events in your time... well if you want techno to survive your past attempt are not enough you gota support what's going on NOW for it to affect what's happening NOW
    4- as for not getting enough credit for throwing events ::waits a minute so I can breath again from the laughter:: I don't throw parties to get credit for doing them.. I do it cause I love techno and want to see it survive. as for me bringing in good techno... be4 you can bring in any techno there has to be people supporting OUR techno... as in Toronto techno...

    bleh I'm not wanting to fight.. I said that in the first post... but you from seeing past posts seem to turn lots of things into "fights" its rather funny.. but I'm done my lil rant now.. and well I think I have stated my point clearly.
  15. Straight Up D Shit

    Straight Up D Shit TRIBE Member

  16. Adam Duke

    Adam Duke TRIBE Member

    I'd LOVE to see a BIG ROOM techno event again!!!! Who the hell wouldn't?

    How many votes do i get? I'm voting for everyone!

  17. d.code

    d.code TRIBE Member

    You both have valid points.

    Converting people into liking techno? That just wont work really- just like how Junglist dont like Trance. Or at least thats the theory of it all.

    You can bring names in- hell I remember DJ fucking G-FORCE being in town and about 150 or so people showing up. Thomas Krome is big name. But who REALLY knows him or will treck out to see him because of that small fan base? Its schokobuku (does that actually mean anything?)?

    Bring in Murat and who knows who will come.

    People will go check out Carola though- so go figure.

    2002 - year of the techno. I want that to happen.

    I like to think the way techno in toronto can be saved is through local representation at any event. I have played a few nightmare parties. To those that dont actually know me on any side of the spectrum- what do you supose is assosiated with the name engine? Tommysmalls has played syzergy. The Dukes play everywhare.

    Culture Jamming is easier said and concived than done.

    Tyler M
    "Techno DJ's do it deeper"
  18. Adam Duke

    Adam Duke TRIBE Member

    LIES!!! C'mon man, everyone has his/her story about 'the night that techno stole my soul'. Converting is how it happens! My night was a big room event with Christian Smith, Adam Beyer and Cari Lekebusch. People expand their horizons by accident rather often!
    As for making conversions,...nothing is better - ask the hardcore, little junglist girl who saw The Dukes in Oshawa recently. She paid us the highest compliment when she told us that 'she never thought she could get into techno, but she was letting loose like a mad demon on the dancefloor to our music'.

    Personally, I think techno is going to come back full force yet again, in it's funkier, more playful form. I think electro is going to become a BIG stepping stone for that transition crowd, because it contains a lot of pop elements, a bit of nostalgia with a modern twist and a more 'song-based' approach which is easier to understand for those who don't quite yet understand techno. Now of course, the big difference is that the 'new school' of electro is bred out of a more techno mentality and thus is designed for more of a dj approach (a lot of, but not all of)...THIS is where techno mentality can step in and edumacate 'em. I know (speaking for myself and a few others that I've talked to), once I fully comprehended WHAT techno was and could do, i was ADDICTED.

    And I hate to reinforce any stereotypes (and I know everyone has their thing), but techno IS the best form of electronic music. Techno, as a term, won't be lost over time like 'trance' or 'happy hardcore', because the word 'techno is always applied to a PROGRESSING form of music. It never gets stale or formulaic.


    A'ight, enough yappin' out of ALL Y'ALL.


  19. d.code

    d.code TRIBE Member

    [/quote]And I hate to reinforce any stereotypes (and I know everyone has their thing), but techno IS the best form of electronic music. Techno, as a term, won't be lost over time like 'trance' or 'happy hardcore', because the word 'techno is always applied to a PROGRESSING form of music. It never gets stale or formulaic.

    TECHNO EVOLVES.[/quote]

    Techno = abstract repitition

    ANyways- see there are some people who will be converted. Some people who will suddenly flip over techno. But again- I can think of alot of people who dont really go for the music- or at least go to parties that have the same trance locals over and over again.
    Its a routine bred out of theory. I got someone coming up to me at the last nightmare I played saying 'If thats techno- then what the hell is Unabomber playing? This shit is FUNKY!". So there are coverstions and every little bit helps.

    I to dont like to enforce stereotypes- but when you start talking about why techno in toronto = garbage- then they are going to come up.

    I think techno is rising. I think more and more people are coming out or at least noticing that there is another little scene out there.

    What we NEED is multiroom- locals only jams. Well maybe not NEED- but it be cool! Techno all in one room- trance in the other- breaks in the last.


  20. Straight Up D Shit

    Straight Up D Shit TRIBE Member

    TECHNO EVOLVES.[/quote]

    Techno = abstract repitition

    But again- I can think of alot of people who dont really go for the music- or at least go to parties that have the same trance locals over and over again.

    Tyler[/B][/QUOTE]ur right lots of people go for other things, but that's why i am supporting this party 'cause they have never had an arrest, a violent incident, an overdose, for being one of the biggest events in the city, this is quite the accomplishment in my books...and people will go for other things but when they hear good music or mad skills most people know the difference, most people start with trance, it's easiest to digest but if u want to be challenged, u move on to techno.

    so thanx adam for putting down my thoughts & why is everyone else so pessimistic, may be if we tried to have a bit more fun at techno bashments (this is what u call a party in Jamaica as I just learned) we might have a bit more people in attendance.
  21. Adam Duke

    Adam Duke TRIBE Member

    ...Would people PLEASE stop voting for Timo Maas? He works the decks about as much as Oakenflop.

    Also, I'm so glad to see Deko-ze tearing up the charts with the international talent!!

  22. The Electrician

    The Electrician TRIBE Promoter

    Enough with this post... :p

    Be quite and just go to the parties...

    that's all there is to it...



    Techno, Trance, House and all other genres of music are one and the same when analyzing they're origins. Comparing jungle to Techno and trying to convert those who listen to one of the two is like telling me you could get a raggae, soca and calypso listener into death metal. it won't happen because they are two extremes. combinable(word?) genres include house, techno, trance, progressive and whatnot, and seperating those genres at an event wouldn't make sense. it defeats the whole purpose of our goal, which is to unite a community brought together and being held together by music.

    these types of music can properly flow, if a promoter understands the chemistry of musical programming. And with the proper programming, conversion of people into understanding of different genres than what they are used to is possible and very highly likely. "(hypothetical)Have Satoshi Tomie, followed by Oliver Lieb, Hennes and Cold and then toss in someone like Mauro Picotto followed by a Marco V" and so on and so on until the music blends so perfectly all genres move the soul equally powerfully.

    When Tiesto first came to town there were tons of posts about people who hate trance being "dragged" to the party, then actually liking what they heard. Vice versa to trance lovers who hear an amazing techno dj right after their trance fav gets off the decks. The uniting of the scene is what is important, and the only way to do it is to combine the music, properly program it, then put it all in one room. The crowd is diverse, educated, and there for the right reasons.

    Bringing in talent who aren't HUGE names is what creates a proper vibe most of the times. Because those who actually know their music come out to party and not the Oakenfold Missassauga/Woodbridge Massive.

  24. Adam Duke

    Adam Duke TRIBE Member

    Techno came about by stripping the popular music at the time down to it's barest elements. Does that not imply that all these off-shoots of electronic music are linked by perhaps, the techno mentality?

    There is a time and a place for everyone to understand a genre of music.

    I never got a feeling for hip hop until the one night that i heard the right hip hop. That changed everything - I was listening to trance at the time and even though I didn't become an 'original gangsta' overnight, it still opened my eyes and I really enjoy, and even search out some forms of a genre that I thought I would NEVER get in to.

    Nothing is impossible - you never know what's out there that might turn your crank in a new way if you don't get out and expose yourself to new experiences. That applies to everything!

  25. d.code

    d.code TRIBE Member

    Everyone has said things I have wanted to bring up.

    Why is it when I go to this site I see nothing at all? No voting options or anything? I WANT TO VOTE!

    I think Rino Cerrone should come and kick everyones ass.


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