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Saudi Arabia


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This is not something that’s exclusive to the Saudi’s, although they’re using it for nefarious purposes. So are the intelligence agencies of many other nations. It’s been a fairly universal tactic for years - where the hunt for criminal suspects are concerned. It’s now ramped up into civilian surveillance. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service is no different. Smartphones, in combination with IP activity are a sure-fire way to give up the ghost.

That’s why “burners” are so popular here. ...and a little birdie told me that we can look forward to changes in the rules for “prepaid” phone sales here, in the near future. Our Big Brother likes the idea as much as the next Big Brother.

Time to go back to two Dixie Cups and a string, if a modicum of privacy is what you’re after.



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that's fucking brutal.
Canada is still selling arms to the Saudis.
Trudeau has no spine. He will be remembered well in history for this.