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Saturn Technologies 1 Year...


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Well...what did ya think???

...I just got back and can I say, I had an amazing time, have too much stuff to do tommorow to have stayed all night...but....it was so good! The venue was probably the best I have ever been too, I was so impressed! Music was good, an older crowd made for a nice change, people were so friendly and I met alot of Tribe board people and familiar faces...all in all, a really excellent time was had! Oh and Happy Birthday Laura!!!!! If you don't remember I was the girl you bumped into three times...LOL...



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Excellent party, good work Saturntech. Tommy and bryce were super smooth and consistent.
DM's track selection was excellent, but wasnt a huge fan of his mixing.
Adam Winick's (sp) live pa was great, toronto really does have some of the worlds best techno talent.
Ian Hind was great, his 909 sections were mindblowing, this guy has some insane skill.

It was great meeting more tribe kids.
Dlerium and Madnezz make me laugh

you guys are fun.
i think that about 90% of that party were internet people, either from irc or tribe.

well its time for bed for me. gotta be up for 11 am tommrow (to get a pub and proceed to drink lots of irish beer, hehe)



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ahhhh tired ..... can't think ...... head crashing against keyboard ... lots ...... of ... fun ........... must .... sleep =)



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Nice techno event-

Please let me give a big shout to the one and only- madnezz-laura-
happy birth day again, laura-

and all other coo tribe members

you guys really dig
i love you all-

Thank you for the great nite

And will see you all soon-


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A slap in the ass is the best way to introduce yourself to someone.......ever.

I had a great time..certainly one of the best small party venues I've ever scene.

The music was phenomenal...unbelievably good, never danced so much at any party, had an all around excellent time.

Great to meet Laura and Ritika...happy B-Day one last time to Laura...didn't get to converse with either of you nearly enough...laughed my head off when half of the people dancing got involved in looking for a hair pin that Laura dropped....next time? soon!


such a good party


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What a great time. The venue kicked ass, that light on the wall is Godlike. I thought Ian Hind was really good, and although the deck were giving him trouble he really worked the 909. Great seeing so many people I knew, and great to meet Laura (happy b-day) and t-boy again, and always good to spend time with Lesley, Ross and Ritika.


Ps. Chris if you are reading this, you were right. Techno is awesome.


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good party.

argh, happy birthday laura! i don't think i remembered to say it to your face last night.


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this jam was definitly sick. i found DM to be totally on point from start to finish. everyone else as well played very well...especially winnick who threw down probably one of the sickest sets i have heard him unleash yet.
the sound was tight and the vibe was definitly fresh.
mad props go out to adam for pulling out all the stops, the late night pillow fight krew, all the artists, and especially madnezz for kicking me in the face at 6am...


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wow, I'm still BEAMING from last night------- that was SOOO much fun.... *sigh*

well, still havent slept... kind of sketchy today (big surprise huh?? *S*)

soo much good music-- so many wikked wikked wikked people (too many to name them all at this point, but if you were there at all, you know Im talkin bout YOU!!! *grin*

a few shout outs:

thanks to tommy for making my b-day so special, as well as Ritika!!! (now that was some gooooood times!)

damn you Susan for taking those pictures!!! *LOL* I totally had forgotten about them until I was reminded... *sigh*

big ups to the washroom crew!- mainly joey, ritika, stefan and myself...

Joey--- awesome to party with you--- toooo muccch FUN my dear. *GRIN* how funny was the scene when tommy walked into the washroom????? *LMAO* good GOD..... ALL YOUR FAULT I SAY!!!!!

Kumi-- thank you so much for your card as well. that was really sweet of you!!! and as always, awesome to see you out and about *wink*

MAX! yeah, totally a good time *GRINNN* funy that we both know Luke....

Lesslyn! so sorry to keep knocking into you!! *L* it was pretty funny tho! nice to meet you!!

AMBER- good to see you having a good time and shakin that ass!! *GRINNNNN*

CHRIS! good to meet you (again)! you're lots of fun!!!

ROSEY!!!!!!! dude- you rock!!!! yeah, I couldnt help slapping your ass while you were bending over (glad you liked my innovative introduction *LOL*).... that was tooooooooooo funny about the hair clip thing *LMAO* seems like only you and me got that... *L* (gotta love how 8 people stopped and scoured the floor for me *L*)

Mike mike mike... oh my, I'm stilll laughing at that crayze pillow fight between you, ritika, bryce and i... *LOL* i got you pretty good eh! sorry to kick your face in tho.... *Grin*

Ryan and Adam-- thank you for throwing such an excellent party!!! keep up the good work guys.....

so many people to send shout outs but until you post- no shout outs for you!!!! *Grin*


oh my, theres going to be trouble...

ps- Joey-- thanks for the mardi gras beads... but Im still not clear what that was all about *LOL*

Laura <-- in big time recovery mode! yikes....
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Hi, Laura-

Thank you for the great nite.
I am soo happy that I was able to be the part of it sweet heart

Please take good care of yourself-

Can not wait till next year's b-day...lol

And thanks again for being who you are! you so coon bean gal




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Just to let everyone know... there will be pix posted on the web page by the end of the week and we have a interview with Ian Hind and DM being posted soon as well.....

I'm glad everyone that came out had a awesome time
We look foreword to putting together more parties in the future...

Much thanks to all the people that helped out, and to everyone that came out.. because without you we would have no party....

-saturn technologies


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dayyyyum - now THAT was a party - cheers to Adam & Ryan of Saturn Productions for putting together an awesome party with really tight vibe!!


Ian Hind showed Toronto who's boss - the first 1/2 of his set was very Hawtin influenced with many classic plus 8 cuts - but in the second, Hind went APESHIT on the 909 - it was SIIIIICK!!

Happy birthday Madnezz (once again) and great seeing the TBK out in full force yet again - Xopios (sp?), Dlerium88, Mystique0217, T-boy, GentlemanJack, and others..

Looking forward to the next one

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That party was great.

All pictures of me have been altered...and Joey it was all your fault.

No shout outs..

Adam/Ryan you best do it again soon.

That is all


P.S. It was nice to meet all the people I did...and it was great partyin with y'all..its always a guaranteed good time *grin*


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*ROTFLMAO* @::::::

"just focus on the joint... focus on the joint... focus on the joint... focus on the joint..."




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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by madnezz:
*ROTFLMAO* @::::::

"just focus on the joint... focus on the joint... focus on the joint... focus on the joint..."



that was TOOOOOOOOO much!!!!!!!!!


poor joey and especially beaker!