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Saturdays - Small Room House?

spoony d

TRIBE Member
okay... need some info. Who is running small room house oriented events on a Saturday night? Looking for a nice tight space with a lot of bump and grind.

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room

spoony d

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so I guess, in the entire city of Toronto, there is NO small house music parties.

this is what you people are telling me?


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...you may also want to check out Aria on a sat.
Usually a really tight vibe. Peter & Tyrone, and Ali Black.
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Bloom! Productions

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temple bar - nice, small room!

tonight, check out solma at temple bar.
a saturday night and a nice, classy, small room with House styles.

Sense casa del soul, big chief records, denver
alongside residents:
Mat Lunnen
Eliot Lazor
& Ben Murko

i played there last night and it was a blast!
496 king west



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This Saturday we are having a launch party for our new website www.audioproductions.ca it's at Nasa 609 queen st west... losts of house of the bump and grind nature.


PS get there early since it will be packed by midnight...


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i heard good things about a small club called mint. but i'm not sure of any details. just had a friend go and say it was nice. anyone else here of this?

and temple bar is where on king?

i have wanted to check out aria for a while now and fez batik is always great.