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Saturday Thread...giddy. up.

Joe Seven

TRIBE Member
lucinda said:
Looking forward the festivities tom!

I'll second that Lu! I gotta work in the morning but I'll be outta my cage in time to drink lotsa beers and prepare for a monday-morning hangover at work !!!
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Joe Seven

TRIBE Member
yo cheese, heard you lost your celly at the De La show yesterday and found it... sounds like an adventure! you going to pride tomorrow?

Big Cheese

TRIBE Member
someone else found it, near the rogers center no less and contacted me

teh ironing

nawh i've got shit to hammer out tomorrow, no dice. i'll fag it up with you some other time jo-jo ;)
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SneakyPete said:
^^what about bacon?!

i had a hankering for breakfast sausages instead of bacon, but when i went to the store all they had was bacon.

i had six pieces. :D saving the other half of the package for tomorrow's brekkie.


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hiya jess! i met a boy last night. but he's short. and i think he only wants sex despite the fact that we have a ton in common. le sad.


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dear diary
today has been so freakin awesome
woke up at 6 thirty, read cosmo in bed for an hour or so, went back to sleep til 1, sat around til now.
lazy heaven.
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it is clear skies, 30oC, no pollution and zero humidity today. in other words a perfect day yet i am stuck at work.


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worked all day.

packing now... then off to my parents where I shall go to bed at 9pm and wake for my 6am flight.
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Just got home...it's been a crazy ass day so far...gonna try and catch a nap before heading off to dj...werd.


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Yesterday I discovered that Thumpr likes taking pictures of young children :p

and then had a great night with the gang at Woody's. Couldn't get in to see Morales, but the music at Woodys was just as fun.. Go Madonna! (Also some interesting tv..lol) Got got my boobs grabbed by two very cute women :p. Even got to return the favour!

Spent today helping roomie move into his new place. Awesome place in Leslieville. We'll need some advice Alex on the the best pubs to go to!!??

Tonight, spending a lazy evening..without the pup..:( . I keep expecting him to follow me outside when I go for a cig.. He's not there.. sigh..

Tomorrow! Pride parade! and of course Church and Wellseley to catch my favourite DJs!!

Happy Pride All!
Alex? Can we get a rainbow smiley?? :D
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soulbrother 10

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I'm laying low tonite. In the a.m. I'll be rolling out early on my bike for a 2-3 hour ride. When I get back home I'll shower, eat lunch and chill till it's time to head downtown and hit the street for the pride party.
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