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Saturday night


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if you need something to do on saturday night... my friends are doing this

hope to see you there

Saturday, April 13, 2002

Returning from his worldwide DJ tour with label mate Kevin Yost, Richard's unique production style of 'ethno-house music' is best described as a fusion of Latin, disco, funk, and jazz. As a DJ and house music producer from the 80's with roots in Brooklyn, NY and Newark, Les Crees found himself in one of the most ethnically mixed areas of the USA. This rich environment played a strong role on his music production and outlook in life. His critically-acclaimed album 'Bahia' is heavily influenced by growing up in New York City areas’ Spanish, Afro-American & Asian communities and can be heard with his stellar tracks such as 'La La La' and 'Dengon' which features Portugués and Japanese vocalists. From his stunning performance at our sold-out i! records soiree two years ago, to his world-class production and rock solid dj skills, we are proud to host the well-anticipated return of Richard Les Crees to Toronto.

alongside residents
Hali & Rod G.
Jamie Watts & Fiona Licious
Paul Hogan & Jason Hynes

above Aria Nightclub (backdoor entrance)
457 Richmond Street
Toronto, Canada

19+ LLBO | $10 before midnight | more afterwards
more information at www.poundhouse.ca
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room