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saturday night suggestions...


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a friend of mine has just come off an 8 year relationship, and he's in serious need of a quick lay... or at least some nipple action... anyways, he's asked me for suggestions on where to go this saturday night... i'm pretty much out of the loop when it comes to pick-up joints in the city, haven't done that shite since '99...

of course the obvious thing to do is ask the resident tribe man whores and sluts for some tips... looking for a lounge/bar type place - not a dance club - in the downtown area... now it doesn't have to be a raving whore house or anything, just somewhere casual/relaxed with a little action...
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j bunny 2000

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Easy and Fifth - a total meat market for the older crowd. Definetely some cougar action at this spot. It is also filled with horny bald business men for those who are interested.
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Dirt Dawg

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I second the Devil's Martini

That place is rammed full of ppl trying to deny the fact that they just want to slut it up.But after a couple of drinks they can't stop themselves...

Funny thing to watch

MC notaslut


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Originally posted by KillaLadY
Queen/Bathurst... well, between Bathurst and Spadina.

it's more like at queen/augusta
right near element and across the street from fressen
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Chicken Deli....though I have never been and have only heard horror stories!

Then there's Vinnies which probably wouldn't be too bad, huge pickup joint I am guessing.


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If you ask me, going out and looking for it is a huge deterrent and they can smell that coming from a mile away.

...but yeah, i'd have to say Madison or the Brunny.

I knew a guy that went to the Brunny after a hockey game, without showering, and he still picked someone up.


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I knew a guy that went to the Brunny after a hockey game, without showering, and he still picked someone up. [/B]

we always had to go the brunny for rookie's night for my hockey team and everytime a fight broke out and someone spilled pissy beer all over me.
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Left Bank has wannabe yuppies as clientelle. You'll meet a lot of people who will want to know what you do for a living before they take any real interest in you. You also should look the part.