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Saturday Night Live - With Host Elijah Wood


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Got home from the Comapny christmas party and decided to check this out.

It was either all the wine I had or the doobie smacks, but I thought this was one of the best episodes in a long freaking time.

Elijah Wood was awesome, he has the proper timing that many movie actors lack when they hit a stage. Katan doing the Gollum thing during the monologue was priceless.

Highlight of the night was the "TV Funhouse: Fun with Real Audio". The short was centered on G.W.B.'s many speeches over the last year, the aircraft carrier, the thankgiving speech, and various others. They did not pull any punches. At one point they had GW. giving a speech to an African Assembly dressed as a gorilla, with another gorilla humping his leg. Definately have to track this one down on the internet.
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Originally posted by PRIMAL
Did he have his phoney accent when he hosted?
No, he stuck to the regular gay accent.

Seriously, he'll be on broadway before Return Of The King hits DVD.


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Originally posted by Boss Hog
Indeed. Tina is far superior in all respects.

We can share her.
I have always thought Tina is 'smokin , funny + hot, you can't really get any better than that. :)
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Boss Hog

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I challenge you to a battle of the wits (janie's not allowed to play or she'll probably expose us both for fools).
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THe gollum thing durring the monologue and the choir were pretty good,
I liked the segment of "that is what you did" durring weekend update. the roiting mob over 2 other midget comics. jsut great! I thought that segment would go on longer though. having jsut one little news headline in it was a little weak, could have been better if there were 3 or 4
I still think SNL's gone really far down himm in the last 10 years. early nintys were just golden.
Oprah man, kevin Nealen on weekend update, need I say more


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Originally posted by Boss Hog
damn she's sexy.
for a Michael Jackson lookalike, anyway... I saw her upclose once, nothing to write home about, though she mostly does look awesome on the teevee, mostly...